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BOMAP Connect Networks Rollers at the Jobsite

March 3, 2023
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BOMAP Connect provides networked control and documentation of all rollers working at the jobsite. Capable of working with all brands of rollers, program installation is quick and intuitive. All compaction data collected by BOMAP Connect is cloud-based, so compaction documentation can be quickly accessed from a computer or mobile device from anywhere an internet connection is available.

An operator simply activates the BOMAP app from an Android tablet or smartphone from a BOMAG roller, and the app connects with the machine’s interface and registers its parameters. All compaction passes are then automatically recorded. If required by job specification, the interface can connect with BOMAG’s Joblink via Bluetooth, and in addition to roller passes, the system also records the Evib value, asphalt temperature, and vibration frequency and amplitude of the BOMAG rollers and adds the data to the documentation.

For other roller brands in the fleet connected to the networked jobsite, BOMAP Connect logs and transmits the number of passes, generating a pass map for the entire site. By equipping the rollers with an optional high-precision antenna, GPS reception is maximized to further increase documentation accuracy, especially helpful when working in urban areas or in poor weather conditions.

All rolling data collected from the site are combined in real time in the cloud application and displayed as a colored map in Google Maps. The colored areas indicate where compaction has already been achieved and where it is still necessary. Compaction visualization for the entire site allows roller operators to see which areas have already been compacted, the degree of compaction and position on the tracked section.

BOMAP Connect enables all roller operators to achieve optimum compaction in the minimum number of passes. This, in turn, reduces fuel consumption, lowers operating costs and increases roller efficiency.

BOMAP Connect enhances parallel planning of different projects within BOMAP, including construction site planning. Using 3D planning data combined with online map services, the system makes it possible to specify all relevant core project parameters and to plan the construction process in detail. Project planners can input compaction specification details – either number of roller passes or soil compaction value – and the deployed rollers display these project parameters when connected.

At the push of a button, BOMAP Connect transmits the final project parameters to the mobile devices of the roller operators, foremen and site managers. Project changes can be uploaded to the program and quickly be transmitted to the field in real time. Once the project is completed, this data is archived for record keeping.

Demonstration displays of BOMAP Connect will be available for CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 attendees in BOMAG’s Central Hall exhibit #C30221 to learn more about the new powerful program and how it helps with Building Better Roads.

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