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Introducing the Komatsu PC230F-11 for forestry processing

October 5, 2022
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Tackle demanding forestry processing environments with the Komatsu PC230F-11

Powerful and maneuverable processor can delimb, cut and stack felled timber

Your forestry crews need equipment that can deliver exceptional performance in difficult environments. Control downtime and drive productivity with the robust, dependable and fuel-efficient Komatsu PC230F-11 processor. Delimb and cut and stack timber with this powerful and maneuverable processor, designed specifically to meet the demands of forestry work.

Large trees can be moved more easily thanks to a powerful swing system and a large swing circle. With exceptional reach of up to 29 feet (8,951 mm), the excellent maneuverability of the PC230F-11 helps drive productivity.

Designed with a high and wide undercarriage, powerful swing motor and ability to withstand high-debris conditions, the PC230F-11 is backed by excellent service, easy access to parts and an industry-leading warranty. Built to tackle demanding forestry processing environments, the PC230F-11 has exceptional reach, a high and wide rugged undercarriage and a powerful swing system.

Quick specs for the PC230F-11
  • Net horsepower: 197 HP (147kW) @ 2,050 rpm
  • Operating weight: 67,516 lbs. (30,625 kg)
  • Swing torque: 8,065 kgm (58,334 ft lbs.)
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Engineered for high-debris environments

When operators are working in high-debris conditions, the robust wide-fin radiator is protected by heavy-duty forestry screens and a variable pitch reversing fan helps improve airflow.

Offering excellent ground clearance, the PC230F-11, provides reliable maneuverability in tough forestry environments thanks to a high and wide undercarriage designed with larger class-size components.

Operators can adjust quickly to a sudden change in load weight without losing productivity with the Auto Power Max feature. It automatically senses the difference and reacts with a seven-second burst of additional horsepower to help pull the trees through, during the delimbing process.

Operator comfort supports productivity

To reduce operator fatigue, the PC230F-11 provides a quiet, comfortable work environment. Cabs are climate-controlled and equipped with Bluetooth technology. The cushioned air-suspension seat can be heated or cooled.

An extra-rugged exterior protects against falling limbs with a 1.26 inch-thick (32 mm) polycarbonate front window and metal designed to withstand demanding environments. The PC230F-11 features heavy-duty service undercover guards and rear compartment doors, and a right corner guard with a standard tree deflector.

Less refueling

The Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 Tier 4 Final engine is more fuel efficient than the prior Tier 4 interim engines. Thanks to proprietary Komatsu engine technology, the larger size-class (PC290LL-11) factory-installed engine also powers performance.

Your operators can spend more time on the job and less time refueling with the additional fuel storage on the PC230F-11. The tank is in the rear of the carrier and built into the counterweight, delivering double the fuel capacity. Because the fuel tank was moved to the rear, there is a large tool storage area on the side for the operator to store an extra five-gallon bucket of oil, extra chains and other tools.

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