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Copper Mountain Mining Corporation wins the 2022 Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Environmental Excellence Award

May 3, 2022
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Acheson, AB – The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) has awarded Copper Mountain Mining Corporation, leaders in Canada’s mining sector, with this year’s Towards Sustainable Mining® (TSM) Excellence Award in recognition of their innovative Electric Trolley-Assist Project focused on reducing carbon intensity and minimizing environmental impact. 
Although trolley has been around since the 1980s, this pilot is a first of its kind for North America, requiring a massive commitment from Copper Mountain Mine. In partnership with SMS Equipment, Komatsu, ABB, Clean BC, and B.C Hydro, Copper Mountain installed an approximately 1km trolley-assist section where pantograph-equipped electric haul trucks support material transport. The project aims to reduce carbon emissions by 30%, paving a solid foundation to achieve Copper Mountain’s net-zero goals.

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A video of the first commissioned trolley assist haul truck, passing a diesel-only truck, can be seen here.
“This project stemmed from our desire to reduce our carbon emissions and make a meaningful change while managing our costs,” said Don Strickland, EVP – Sustainability for Copper Mountain Mining Corporation. “Diesel is the largest source of GHG emissions at the mine and between our second and third largest cost for the site. With clean electricity available in B.C.,  the best way to achieve both objectives was to consider trolley-assist technology when we went out for the tender on new trucks. We have now successfully commissioned five trolley-assist haul trucks.”

Copper Mountain Mine is targeting to reduce historical carbon intensity by over 50% in 5 to 7 years through electrification and capacity increases.
“As mining technology leaders and program deployment specialists, we are collaborating closely with Copper Mountain and key partners to ensure successful implementation of the trolley-assist electric haul trucks at the mine,” said Dennis Chmielewski, EVP – Mining for SMS Equipment. 

SMS Equipment is a global leader in supporting comprehensive green innovations to ensure our sustainable solution offerings make a positive environmental impact.

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