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D65 A Strong Choice

February 23, 2018
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Komatsu continues to lead by example in dozer automation and integration with the D65PXi-18. Like the other members of the integrated machine-control family, the dozer offers automatic blade control from rough-cut to finish grade.

The D65PXi-18 is an intelligent Machine Control (iMC) dozer with factory-integrated machine-control system components, which eliminate the need for traditional blade-mounted masts and cables. A Global Navigation Satellite System antenna is mounted on top of the cab. Additional components include robust, stroke-sensing hydraulic cylinders, an enhanced inertial measurement unit and a touch-screen display mounted inside the cab.

A stroke-sensing angle cylinder measures the actual angle of the blade for high-precision grading accuracy on a cross-slope, whether the blade is angled or not. The dozers are significantly more efficient compared to conventional aftermarket machine-control systems, depending on operation and conditions.

“The system senses excess blade load during rough-cut and automatically raises the blade to minimize track slip, as needed, and to maintain momentum,” said Jason Anetsberger, Komatsu Product Manager, Intelligent Machine Control. “It also automatically lowers the blade to push as much material as possible until the grade is reached, thereby maximizing production in all situations.”

Jason Anetsberger, Komatsu Product Manager, Intelligent Machine Control

Selectable dozing modes

Operators can select different dozing modes, which tailor the system response to the machine operation and optimize performance. Operators can also adjust the blade-load settings to match material conditions for added efficiency.

“As with all of our intelligent Machine Control dozers, the D65PXi-18 produces results that lower owning and operating costs associated with traditional blade-mounted sensors and makes the next generation of machine operators more productive and efficient,” said Anetsberger.


Komatsu’s D65PXi-18 intelligent Machine Control dozer features automatic blade control from rough-cut to finish grade. Operators can also adjust the blade-load settings to match actual material conditions for added efficiency.

New, more powerful engine

The iMC dozers were one of many machines to receive an upgrade. All Komatsu D65PXi-18 dozers, whether iMC or not, feature a stronger, 217-horsepower engine that delivers high performance and low fuel usage and operating costs.

The D65-18 also has an automatic transmission with lockup torque converter, which lowers fuel consumption and raises powertrain efficiency. The lockup mechanics of the torque converter automatically transfer engine power directly to the transmission, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent. Operators can easily choose from two gearshift modes, Automatic and Manual, to fit the appropriate application: Auto for general dozing and Manual for dozing and ripping in rough ground.

Chuck Murawski, Komatsu Product Manager

Patented SIGMADOZER blade

The D65-18 SIGMADOZER blade increases soil capture and limits spillage by rolling material to the center of the blade. It also reduces digging resistance, producing smoother material flow; more dozed soil with less power; and up to 15-percent-more productivity, compared to conventional Semi-U blades.

“The D65-18s are great, all-around machines,” said Chuck Murawski, Komatsu Product Manager. “They remain among the most popular in their size class because they offer excellent production for large dozing jobs but are small enough for finish grading on most jobsites. They manage to burn less fuel, while being more productive than their predecessors.”

The D65-18 dozers come standard with Komatsu’s Operator Identification System, which reports key information for multiple operators, and the Auto Idle Shutdown function that helps reduce idle time and operating costs. These dozers have the latest version of KOMTRAX, providing data on fuel and DEF levels, operating hours, locations, cautions and other vital information. The machines are also covered by the pioneering Komatsu CARE maintenance and service program.

Quick Specs on the Komatsu D65i-18 and D65-18 Dozers

  • Model: D65EXi-18
  • Net Horsepower: 217 hp
  • Operating Weight: 45,780 lbs. (20,765 kg)
  • Blade Capacity: 7.3 cu. yds. (5.58 m³)*
  • Model: D65PXi-18
  • Net Horsepower: 217 hp
  • Operating Weight: 50,420 lbs. (22,870 kg)
  • Blade Capacity: 5.8 cu. yds. (4.4 m³)**
  • Model: D65EX-18
  • Net Horsepower: 217 hp
  • Operating Weight: 45,628 lbs. (20,697 kg)
  • Blade Capacity:7.34 cu. yds. (5.61 m³)*
  • Model: D65WX-18
  • Net Horsepower: 217 hp
  • Operating Weight: 48,760 lbs. (22,117 kg)
  • Blade Capacity: 7.72 cu. yds. (5.90 m³)*
  • Model: D65PX-18
  • Net Horsepower: 217 hp
  • Operating Weight: 51,960 lbs. (23,569 kg)
  • Blade Capacity: 5.78 cu. yds. (4.42 m³)**

* With standard SIGMADOZER blade

** With standard PAT blade