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SMS Equipment’s ePortal provides the convenience of a virtual one-stop e-commerce site for your parts and service needs

February 22, 2021
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It just got easy.
Parts. Service. Online. Anytime.

Virtual shopping is easier than ever. Today’s online marketplace lets you browse, load up a cart, place an order and have it shipped or ready for pick up within minutes – all from one site and without leaving home or the office. Did you know that you have the same convenience when it comes to parts, service and other items related to your equipment with SMS Equipment’s ePortal?
“Shoppers love that can get practically everything they are looking for without the hassle of going to multiple sites, saving valuable time,” stated Chris Corbett, Product Manager, Digital Business Solutions for SMS Equipment. “ePortal gives them much the same experience. It’s basically a one-stop shop for machinery designed for easy navigation so that customers can find what they are looking quickly and conveniently.”
Corbett noted that when SMS Equipment introduced ePortal several years ago as an online parts store, but has evolved int a comprehensive site with a
“Like everyday e-commerce, our online ePortal continues to evolve,” said Corbett. “Parts is still a major feature, but soon customers will have the ability to do so much more with it. They will be able to set up service, rebuilds, repairs and maintenance, pay invoices, see a history of their account and orders placed. It’s a very user-friendly fleet-management tool.”

Thousands of items available

Corbett highlighted an example of one of the enhancements that is coming soon.
“If you pull up one of your machines and pick filters, ePortal will be able show you every filter associated with that piece of equipment, quick and easy,” he said. “That will be possible mainly with Komatsu as there is a link to its MyKomatsu application. But we are working on doing that for the other manufacturing lines as well. We are also setting it up so that customers can add their competitive machines to their ePortal account, so that they can order parts for those from SMS as well.”
Thousands of parts for Komatsu, Takeuchi, BOMAG, and other manufacturing lines SMS Equipment carries are available. In addition to common items such as filters, you can order ground engaging tools such as bucket teeth or blades.
“We want to streamline as much as possible,” said Product Support Representative Chris Parker. “What ePortal looks like today versus a year ago is very different. In fact, we had some customers who said they were intimidated by using an online order system. Recently, we went back through it, and they are now fully onboard with using it as they see the value and convenience.”

Quick setup

Getting started is easy. SMS Equipment personnel are happy to help customers set up an account and guide them through ePortal navigation.
“Customers who use it love the simplicity and it’s similarity to traditional e-commerce sites they are familiar with,” said Parker. “We can input a list of their machines with serial numbers in their individual accounts, giving them the ability to look up items specific to their equipment when ordering parts. They can see parts books, builds favorites lists, place orders for pick up or delivery and more.”

The human touch

SMS Equipment’s ePortal differs from traditional e-commerce sites in one very important way, emphasized Corbett and Parker.
“There is a human touch,” Parker stated. “When an order is placed it doesn’t just go into a system that automatically generates responses. Our parts personnel receive and review it. They check to make sure the part or parts are correct, if a part number or prices have changed and if the items are in stock. They then reply back to the customer for verification and with a time frame for pickup or delivery.”
Corbett added that, “Every order goes through the parts counter just as if a customer walked into the store. They tell us that they appreciate that someone at SMS takes a personal interest in their order. We encourage anyone interested in saving time and a more convenient way to manage their fleet to contact their SMS representative or call one of our locations so that we can help them get set up.”

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