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Reach compaction faster and more efficiently with a BOMAG BW 211 D-5 single drum roller

August 9, 2021
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Across the construction industry, companies need rollers that can achieve soil compaction standards without compromise. Based on the job site, necessary subsoil compaction methods can vary widely. The BOMAG BW 211 D-5 single drum roller offers a solution for medium to large earthwork and sub-base jobs.

Projects such as road resurfacing and major site work are ideal for the machine, which runs equally efficiently in city centers as it does rural areas. The precise tire traction design provides traction in both forward and reverse travel, allowing the operator to work more efficiently. The BW 211 D-5 also utilizes manual slip control with a NoSpin differential, which means continued forward drive when taking on steep inclines up to 53%.
The D-model roller is intended for water-bound materials, sand, gravel and sub-bases. Its effective operating weight of 10,600 kg (23,369 lbs) results in a linear drum load of 26.60 kg/cm (148.90 lb/in). Combined with a four-speed Deutz TCD 3.6 L04 engine capable of reaching 11 kph (6.8 mph), operators can compact faster and more efficiently with the BW 211 D-5 roller.

Innovative inside and out

Stage IV and Tier 4 Final engines comply with the highest exhaust regulations. Smart ECOMODE speed control capabilities increase fuel savings up to 30% and reduce operating noise. The optional ECOSTOP mode shuts down the engine after a defined idle time, further increasing fuel savings and reducing machine wear.
Monitoring soil compaction levels in real time is essential for the modern job site. The BOMAG ECONOMIZER visually displays when optimum compaction is achieved, making the process transparent and efficient. TERRAMETER, VARIOCONTROL and BCM 05 technologies use GPS to measure and track compaction for the entire job site, allowing operators to easily identify weak spots and avoid excess passes.
Ease of maintenance separates the BW 211 D-5 single drum roller from its competition. The design removes unnecessary service points and improves access to essential locations through a hinged cover. Exterior nozzles allow operating fluids to be drained externally. Eliminating machine lubrication through an articulated joint and increasing servicing intervals further reduces regular maintenance and downtime costs.
Operators have full vision of the work site from the cab, which features sound and vibration insulation inside the optional ROPS enclosed structure. An ergonomically designed seat prevents operator fatigue when working for extended periods. The visual lane assistant simplifies edge and lane compaction without requiring the operator to leave the cab.
Transporting the roller between jobs is straightforward. A 227 cm width (89.36 in) and 587.2 cm (231.18 in) length allows the machine to travel on a conventional flatbed trailer.

Quick Specs on Bomag’s BW 211 D Single Drum Compactor

Operating Weight
23,369 lb (10,600 kg)
Linear Drum Load
148.90 lb/in (26.60 kg/cm)
6.8 mph (11 kph)
89.36 in (227 cm)
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