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New features in GD655-7 deliver better ergonomics to lessen operator fatigue and boost productivity

January 26, 2021
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If asked to describe the ease of use with typical motor graders, most operators would steer clear of calling it a low-effort task. However, today’s updated models provide a host of features designed to significantly reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.
“The GD655-7 provides an all new, ultra-ergonomic working environment, and the new spacious cab allows more room during long working days far away from the shop,” said Komatsu Product Manager Nathan Repp. “Operators will appreciate the low-effort operation and steering levers, integrated cross slope controls, new electronic transmission controls and the articulation return stop-at-center function that simplifies use.”
SMS Equipment Sales Representative Larry McKinnon emphasized that Komatsu took operator feedback into account when designing the cab, including keeping the steering wheel, along with new palm steering control. New cab enhancements include a slightly smaller but “right-sized” steering wheel that provides excellent visibility with more. The palm control steering lever allows operators to keep hands on the low-effort equipment levers and make small steering adjustments while working, without the need to turn the steering wheel.
Highly adjustable arm rests and consoles have power raise and lower functions and mechanical fore/aft adjustments to precisely fit user preferences. The standard air-suspended seat also helps provide plush operator comfort for extended working times.
Greater speed, less fuel

Greater speed, less fuel

The GD655-7 offers low-speed inching capability and automatic shifting in higher gear ranges. A dual-mode transmission with eight forward and four reverse speeds, an industry exclusive in this size machine, allows higher travel speeds – from 3.4 kilometers per hour (2.1 mph) forward in 1st gear to 44.3 km/h (27.5 mph) forward in 8th gear -- and reduced fuel consumption of direct drive.
“It delivers smooth, increased tractive effort and the precision control of a torque converter, which translates to greater rim pull and more torque to the wheel,” said McKinnon.
It includes a transmission shift lever with a finger-operated forward-neutral-reverse switch that further reduces required hand movement. That’s in addition to the already standard Komatsu power-shift transmission that was designed and specifically built for Komatsu graders and delivers on-the-go, full-power shifting.
The new electronic proportional controls (EPC) provide for a fully integrated 2D cross-slope system, 3D grade control systems and an auxiliary hydraulic circuit plumbed to the rear of the machine. The 2D cross-slope system uses the machine display monitor to show the cross-slope control settings.
“This means no additional display or control are required to operate the 2D cross-slope system,” stated Repp. “This system allows for automatically maintaining cross-slope angle when adjusting blade height of either the leading or trailing edge.
“The machine is also easily upgraded to 3D grade control, with no aftermarket valve installation required,” Repp added. “For adding attachments, the GD655-7 has two standard, five-section hydraulic control valves that are strategically located to improve forward visibility.”
Operators can select Power or Economy mode to match conditions and optimize fuel savings, said Repp. “This is a highly productive and efficient machine, and a solid choice for anyone who uses a motor grader for construction, road building, snow clearing, road maintenance or other applications.
“The GD655-7 is among the leaders in the 20-ton range, and it is sold concurrently with the Dash-6 model to offer customers an additional choice to meet their needs,” Repp added.

Quick Specs on Komatsu’s GD655-7 Motor Grader

218 HP (163 kW)

Operating Weight
41,750 lb (18,937 kg )*
44,446 lb (21,067 kg) w/ripper*
*Includes added push block

Blade Length
4.27 m (14 ft)

More Specifications

 Larry McKinnon, Sales Representative

Industry Experience

  • 5 years in current role, however I was born and raised in the world of heavy equipment.
My desire is to partner with customers, understand what they need, and then find the best product solution to meet those needs. What is most important to me is that our customers have the machine they require to get their jobs done.

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