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Less passes to reach target compaction with the BOMAP Connect app

June 22, 2021
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Meeting compaction requirements is essential on earthwork and asphalt projects. Testing that ensures you have met proper density often involves stopping the machine and waiting for results, which slows productivity and increases downtime.
Technology, such as BOMAG’s BOMAP Connect, is bringing compaction into the digital age. It prevents unnecessary passes while saving time, fuel and money. The intelligent app uses GPS to document roller passes and draws an intuitively readable map of compaction progress in real time.
The operator knows exactly what needs to be done and where to achieve results, without the need to stop and wait for tests. It digitally documents compaction output and makes it immediately apparent where optimum compaction has been achieved or whether further passes are necessary.
The BOMAP app is available on regular Android 7.0 and higher smartphones and tablets. It does not require special hardware, and you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. It is immediately ready to use on all earthwork and asphalt construction sites, and no training is required.

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“The introduction of the BOMAP app in 2019 was a giant step forward for soil and asphalt compaction,” said Bert Erdmann, a compaction industry veteran with more than 25 years in the business and a leading expert for BOMAG Americas. “Now, BOMAP Connect represents the next level of intelligent compaction as it offers cloud storage and additional features.”
Live maps display real-time progress

Live maps display real-time progress

Next level CCC (Continuous Compaction Control) can be monitored from your smartphone or tablet with BOMAP Connect. The entire compaction process of a construction project can be planned, controlled and documented for true Intelligent Compaction. After activating the smartphone or tablet in the roller, the app connects to the BOMAG JOBLINK Bluetooth interface and registers the machine parameters. The machine wirelessly transmits all relevant information, such as soil stiffness or temperature, to BOMAP Connect.
Continuous documentation and visualization mean operators are less likely to make one pass too many or too few.  BOMAP Connect offers operator’s reassurance that they are consistently achieving excellent quality and optimizing time management as BOMAP Connect displays live maps of the construction site.   A color scale marks compaction progress at all times.
“Fewer passes translates into less wear on your equipment and improved on-site management,” said Erdmann. “An added bonus is that it reduces your carbon footprint.”
The operator passes over green and red areas until the target density has been reached, which is indicated by the map turning blue, eliminating guesswork and minimizing downtime. The color scale display can be adapted to any construction site. The number of passes and other values, the degree of compaction and/or temperature can also be displayed.
“Think about it like this: in asphalt compaction, there is a narrow window of time once the material is laid to gain optimal compaction because the material is cooling,” said Erdmann. “Using the app, a foreman can assess the material at a glance by color and then direct for example a finish or intermediate roller to an area before it cools off to help ensure the best compaction results are being achieved – and BOMAP Connect documents everything. This interconnectivity creates the ideal conditions for next-level intelligent compaction.”
It shows site managers and every operator on the project the current compaction status of the entire job site in real time. Projects are stored in BOMAP Connect and can also be archived there and viewed at any time. When the work is finished, you can save your documentation in a PDF file, or export it in various formats for detailed analysis, including in VETA format. Highly qualified analysis and/or further processing of the results in your own IT system is possible.
Compatible with other manufacturers
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Compatible with other manufacturers

BOMAP Connect can be used on all compaction equipment, including competitive machines. It shows site managers and every operator on the job the current compaction status of the entire job site.
When using the optional open interface BOMAG JOBLINK Bluetooth connection on BOMAG equipment, BOMAP Connect enables access to all process-related data such as EVIB or ECONOMIZER value, frequency, amplitude, temperature, speed and direction.

With the optional BOMAP antenna, the map display of the compaction process achieves GPS positioning with “track-to-track” precision accuracy of up to 20 centimeters (7.8 inches). This guarantees exact results on all sites even in poor visibility and weather conditions. Even on complex and inner-city job sites where space is at a premium, you receive highly accurate compaction results and documentation.

The antenna is simple to use and connect to BOMAP via Bluetooth. It can be mounted on BOMAG and competitive rollers alike with a magnetic base and is supplied with a universal wire harness which provides 12V power to the antenna.
Third-party machines in the fleet also interconnect and help to generate a compaction record across the construction site for pass counting and mapping, meaning you have the ability to meet any future tender requirements such as Continuous Compaction Control. BOMAP Connect can also interface directly with systems such as VETA for reporting requirements.
“Mixed fleets can be monitored and tracked without extensive equipment or added costs,” said Erdmann. “BOMAP Connect offers everything in one solution for maximally efficient soil and asphalt compaction, providing all the data you need when you need it, on site or in the office.”

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Smartphones and tablets with the BOMAP Connect app can be mounted inside the machine’s cab, and operators can see real-time compaction data. They know exactly what needs to be done and where to achieve results, without the need to stop and wait for tests. It automatically documents compaction output and makes it immediately apparent where optimum compaction has been achieved or whether further passes are necessary.

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