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Innovative design details push BOMAG 2200/75 cold planer to the top of the class

January 12, 2021
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BOMAG’S new series of cold planers, including the BM 2200/75, are well-suited for selective milling of road and base materials. Among the largest in BOMAG’S high-production mill-size class that includes the BM2200/60 and BM2500/75, the BM2200/75 has a standard milling width of 2,200 mm (86.6 inches) and can remove large amounts of material in just a single pass. 

At the same time, the BM 2200/75 is a popular option for smaller projects because it’s equipped with a range of milling drums, distinctive maneuverability and a large conveyor belt slewing swivel angle.  
“This class-size of mills are exactly what contractors seeking high production are looking for, and the BM2200/75 is a great choice for large-scale projects such as freeways, roads and airport runways,” said Garry Phenuff, SMS Equipment Product Manager.
Thanks to the innovative design of its maintenance-free BOMAG BMS 15 tool holder system, BOMAG delivers low wear and a 30 percent longer service life. By arranging the holder system on the milling drum in a unique way, BOMAG planers, like the BM 2200/75, offer better milling quality and high efficiency. This design, perfected through years of research and direct customer feedback, also features an innovative quick-release system so that the milling drum can be rapidly exchanged in a safe manner.

It's all in the details
BOMAG takes pride in the design of its cold planers as every detail of the milling drum contributes to the productivity of the machine. For example, the BM 2200/75 has more cutting power and reduced wear thanks to its low-resistance profile. Owners will also benefit from the optimized conversion of engine power to milling power, which maximizes work output.
Drum maintenance can be easily performed by the operator, thanks to the electric/hydraulic drum rotation control and on-board air for quickly exchanging worn picks. These tasks can be executed effortlessly via a stand-alone, single cylinder diesel engine, which eliminates fuel consumption and running hours from the main 567 kW (760 hp) engine. Also, all maintenance points under the hood can be easily reached thanks to a large, sturdy service platform that provides full access to all fuel, air, oil and hydraulic filters.
Operators will appreciate the attention to comfort with a fully vibration-isolated operator platform. The cold planer also features an ergonomic adjustable seat and dashboard as well as easily accessible storage at ground level.
“BOMAG’S 2200/75 cold milling machine’s balance contributes to a high-quality cut, as well as high production,” said Phenuff. “Operators and owners appreciate that it’s fast and easy to familiarize themselves with setup and operation, so they are highly productive right away. We encourage anyone interested in the planer to contact their sales rep or nearest branch for more information.”

Quick Specs for BOMAG’s BM 2200/75 Cold Milling Machine

567kW (760 hp)

Milling Width    
2,200 mm (86.6 in)

Max Milling Depth 
350 mm (13.77 in)

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