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IMC 2.0 Dozers Boost Production by 60% with Auto-Grading Capability

August 31, 2021
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When experienced operators retire, they take with them their knowledge about how to move dirt as productively and efficiently as possible. That could potentially slow down your operations. What if it could be faster for your new or less-experienced operators to become as productive as those who left? It’s possible.

One of the key attributes of Komatsu’s new Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) 2.0 dozers is patent-pending proactive dozing control that automatically cuts and strips from existing terrain like an experienced operator – 100% of the time, from grass to grade. This technology increased production by as much as 60% compared to the first-generation dozers, according to Komatsu Product Marketing Manager Jon Jennings.
“The ability to use automatics from first pass to last, instead of just during the finish grading, significantly reduces the time it takes to reach target elevation,” said Jennings. “Proactive dozing control logic decides the appropriate action, such as whether to cut and carry material, spread or fill that material or whether it should finish grade.”

The system provides the real-time position of the dozers to the job site to create a highly accurate elevation for it to drive the blade to the precise grade needed. During operation, the dozers measure the terrain as they track and use the track-level data to plan the next pass.
“Traditional grade control systems only engage when the cutting edge is within a few centimeters from grade,” said Kris Troppmann, Manager, Smart Construction, SMS Equipment. “Komatsu’s IMC 2.0 dozer technology drives productivity into the entire dozing operation – from grass to grade.”
New automation, satellite systems

New automation, satellite systems

Improved automation is also part of IMC 2.0, including patent-pending lift layer control, which automatically spreads fill from existing terrain with the press of a button. Much like proactive dozing control, this feature tracks the terrain and uses the data to plan the next pass, which doubles production and achieves consistent layers for quality compaction.
Additional automation features include tilt steering control that automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing, reducing the need for operator steering input by 80%. Quick surface creation produces a temporary design surface with one press of a button without the need for a complex 3D model.
Other upgrades include a second GPS antenna, which Jennings noted will aid in side-slope work. The new machines also gain access to three additional satellite systems.
“The biggest advantage is greater overall accuracy,” he said. “More satellite systems increase production through the ability to use GPS in places where it may have been a big challenge before, such as at the edge of a wooded area or close to buildings on an urban project.”

In addition to the new D51i-24 and D61i-24 models recently touted by Construction Equipment magazine as top products, the IMC 2.0 D39i-24 and the D71i-24 are now available.
“We had numerous orders for these machines before they were available because customers realized how much the new dozers will increase their production,” said Jennings. “We encourage anyone looking for the same in their business to contact their distributor for a demo, more information or to add one to their fleet.”

 Kris Troppmann, Manager, Smart Construction
  • Over 12 years of learning the earthmoving industry, from labourer to project accountant, into productivity technology, has enabled me to bring unique insights when partnering with customers to provide them with innovative solutions
  • I look forward to partnering with you on your projects and pairing the most impactful technology to the right application

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