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Ground Engaging Guidance : Choosing the right tooth system for excavators and loaders

May 3, 2021
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The right tooth system for your excavators and loaders can increase production and safety

When choosing an excavator or wheel loader it’s easy to focus on the big things such as horsepower, operating weight and bucket capacity. Did you know that overlooking details such as choosing the right teeth for the application and material you are handling can have a major impact on productivity and efficiency?

“As with any important task, it’s essential to have the right tool for the job,” said Colin Chester, Product Manager – Mining with Hensley Industries. “Digging in clay is different than dealing with rocky situations or soft, sandy soils. You have to factor that into the equation.”

Chester added that there are additional considerations that may affect both production and safety. “Simple and easy tooth changes equate to less downtime. Not having to hammer pins means less risk of injury. Our customers told us they valued those features along with high-quality manufacturing.”

Chester said Hensley has listened to their customers and has developed the best solution to their issues - its Kprime™ Tooth System for excavators and wheel loaders working in construction, mining, quarry, trenching and utility applications. Several styles of teeth are available that fit onto an adapter that’s welded onto the bucket lip. Each tooth locks on with the turn of a pin.
Productivity, reliability, safety

Productivity, reliability, safety

“Productivity, reliability and safety enhancements are all built into the Kprime Tooth System’s design,” said Chester of the product that has replaced Hensley’s Kmax Tooth System. “From a productivity standpoint, the Kprime Tooth System has 10% to 15% more usable wear material than its predecessor and improved penetration of up to 15%. To further extend life, Kprime Tooth System teeth are rotatable, and visible indicators on the wear cap and fastener let users know when those parts need to be changed.”
To increase reliability, the Kprime Tooth System is 10% stronger than its predecessor for reduced breakage and adapter wear. It also has a tighter fit of the tooth to the adapter and an improved pin design that prevents unlocking after extended use, ensuring the holding pin remains locked throughout the life of the tooth.

For enhanced safety, locking and unlocking the tooth to and from the adapter is done with a simple quarter rotation of the locking pin using a metric socket. A push out ramp on the tooth helps dislodge the fastener when unlocking. An audible “clack” sound indicates when the tooth is locked on, eliminating guessing.
“This system is unique and was built from customer feedback,” Chester emphasized. “We encourage anyone who wants to save time and have a safer tooth system on their bucket, to use the Kprime Tooth System. Their Komatsu distributor representatives will help them choose the right teeth, assist them with putting the adapters on the bucket, and teach them how to use the simple locking and unlocking system.”

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