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Building Community Through Adopt-A-School Program

June 28, 2018
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MVPs are Most Valuable Players and Most Valuable Programs - in this case, the Edmonton Oil Kings Adopt-A-School Program. SMS Equipment proudly sponsored students and families from Prince Charles School through the Adopt-A-School program during the 2017-2018 school year.  Principal Judy Toews shares, “At Prince Charles, our families come from over 50 different neighborhoods. Many of our families live in poverty and taking the family out for an evening is simply not feasible.  We were able to connect with a greater number of parents as a result of the Oil King tickets.” This school fosters community offering the AWASIS Program which provides students with Cree Language instruction and cultural teachings and activities.


SMS Equipment was proud to support this school and their community in an impactful way. Prince Charles School Vice Principal Gary Smith says “Community is huge in our world. Bringing people together within our broader community is critical and the Edmonton Oil Kings offer an affordable, entertaining means for coming together. This program made it possible for struggling families to get out, enjoy the amazing facility and to meet new people. Thus, the program helped our community to be a part of the City of Edmonton, the SMS family and the Edmonton Oil King community at large.  It meant, for our community, who may be financially challenged, or face huge challenges in other areas, the chance to simply relax, sit back or stand up and cheer, in an environment that was safe, relaxed and of exceptional quality! It meant that many of our kids could have fun and enjoy the game.”

We are pleased that our sponsorship through the Edmonton Oil Kings Adopt-A-School program made a positive impact and wish the students and staff at Prince Charles School a fun and safe summer.