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Forestry & Construction Sales

Meet Mike McGuire

“Our team is positive and uplifting. We all work toward a common goal because we know that as one department succeeds, it brings success to other departments.”

Equal parts humble and humourous (that comes later!) might be the perfect way to describe Forestry & Construction Equipment Sales Representative Mike McGuire.

It's the People

When asked about his accomplishments, Mike is quick to turn the attention to his team.

“I’ve been with the company for only six months,” Mike says. “So, I’m most proud of being able to develop work and personal relationships with my coworkers since I draw so much inspiration from them. Some have been with SMS Equipment for 20 plus years, telling me that I work for a solid company, and others are new, like me, and bring enthusiasm and energy to the team.”

Mike shares that his experience with equipment was limited when he started, but his knowledge of the industry has grown exponentially in the six months. “I intend to continue with this growth,” he says. “While the learning resources and training available to us are endless, I’m finding the experience of my coworkers is the greatest resource here.”

Stand Up and Laugh

Mike values connection, so, unsurprisingly, he’s a life member of Kin Canada, an all-Canadian volunteer service organization that promotes service, fellowship, positive values, and national pride. “It has taught me public speaking, project management, and conflict resolution,” says Mike. “All of these skills are useful in the business world.”

Beyond business, one might say Mike’s evolvement with the organization is a funny story. His time volunteering with the Kinsmen Club of Prince George has led him to develop his talent as a stand-up comic!

The Club hosts the legendary “Stand-up for Charity” event, which brings in top Canadian comics, encourages local comedians, and serves a sumptuous buffet to raise funds for an important cause. It’s given Mike a chance to hone his stand-up skills — while creating a greater impact by inviting SMS Equipment to be part of the charity efforts. After Mike approached manager Dave Ardell, the company ultimately offered to sponsor the event. “SMS Equipment presents: Kinsmen Stand-up for Charity 28, starring Tim Nutt” was a rousing success, raising over $4,000 for the local chapter of the SPCA.

“This project is dear to me,” says Mike. “It brings world-class entertainers to our town, helps me hone my comedic skills, gives needed stage time to local comics, and most importantly, helps many worthy causes raise funds and awareness.”

The Big Goal

As Mike continues to embrace learning mode, he doesn’t hesitate to share his favourite part of the job: “Being in the field working with customers.” It’s how he intends to grow the business in his territory. Considering his “get-it-done” track record, consider it a matter of time!

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