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Journey Red Seal Heavy Equipment Technician

Courtney Wheeler

Starting as a labourer six years ago, Courtney Wheeler considers herself fortunate to have gone through the SMS Equipment apprenticeship program. “It started me on a great path—setting me up for the future and continuously pushing me to grow as a person and a technician,” she says. Courtney currently works in the construction department at SMS Equipment’s 63 North location in Fort McMurray and considers the best part of her job to be able to work on a diverse lineup of equipment. “From excavators to small haul trucks, we see it all!”

“Being a number one solution provider is what I connect with most from our mission statement. I continuously see our team go above and beyond for customers.”

Serious Support

“My team is full of experienced techs and people I consider a second family. Being away from home for 14 days is tough, but being with the crew I’m with makes it so much easier.”

Courtney’s Customer Connection

“I have had lots of experience with customers since I was a field tech before posting to the shop. Working face-to-face with customers and being able to see their struggles made it easier for me to help get their machines running or serviced, so they could get the work they needed to be done, done. I want to make sure they’re happy with the work—without the customer, we wouldn’t be working!”

Major Milestones

“My biggest work accomplishment is continuously learning from the skilled technicians I get the pleasure of working alongside. I get to see myself become a better tech as time progresses.”

Back to the Start

“I have always been mechanically inclined. My father would take me with him to work when I was younger. He is a logger and always working in the bush. I would end up watching the different mechanics working and getting to help out. Continuing that by getting an apprenticeship and following my dream with this company has been great.”

Future Unfolding

“I want to continue my career as a H.E.T, learn more and more skills, and keep putting out quality work for our customers.”

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