• Variable Traction Control System optimizes rim pull for all ground conditions, minimizing tire slippage and reducing maintenance costs
  • Modulation Clutch System gives operators precise control of rim pull, allows for fast work equipment speeds and a smooth approach when loading trucks
  • Closed Center Load Sensing Hydraulic System (CLSS) keeps hydraulic oil cool, work equipment speed quick, and provides better fuel economy
  • Throttle Lock improves cycle times by maintaining high work-equipment performance and saves fuel with auto-deceleration
  • Automatic dig, semi-automatic approach, and automatic dump systems can be enabled to reduce operator fatigue in v-cycle applications
  • Komatsu SmartLoader Logic helps reduce fuel consumption without compromising production
  • All new Komatsu bucket design, with modified profile to maximize bucket fill factor and increase productivity

  • Increased overhaul intervals on transmissions and axles reduce maintenance cost and total cost of ownership (tco)
  • New loader linkage design with increased arm plate width for maximum structural durability
  • Standard brake cooling and redesigned wet, multi-disk service brakes extend service intervals and reduce maintenance hours
  • Standard engine pre-lubrication system ensures full lubrication upon startup

  • Advanced machine monitoring system with onboard diagnostics, no laptop required
  • KomVision with radar obstacle detection provides a bird’s eye view utilizing 6-camera system and dedicated display (optional)
  • KOMTRAX Plus, for immediate remote diagnostics of machine health and performance
  • Energy saving operation ecology guidance provides operator with real time recommendations to improve operational efficiency and fuel economy

  • Large, pillarless cab with trainer seat allows full view of working area
  • 45 degree power staircase (optional) and 45 degree walkways on left and right side of machine for convenient access to the cab
  • Catwalks and handrails on the counterweight and in front of the cab allow for easy maintenance
  • Work equipment shock reduction control (4 settings – off, low, middle, high)
  • Higher capacity air suspension seat (heated and ventilated)
  • LED external and internal lighting
  • Anchored tie off points (ISO 14567) located around the machine provide technicians locations to attach service lanyards

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