The machine monitor displays various machine information and allows for various settings of the machine. The LCD monitor is a 7-inch color LCD and displays maintenance information, operation records, ecology guidance records, etc. The switch panel is used to select various screens and the air conditioner control screen. By using the switch panel, you can display various user menus on the LCD screen and adjust machine settings.

The WA600-8 provides Komatsu SmartLoader Logic, an engine control system. This technology creates the right amount of torque for each work phase. For example, engine torque needs are higher for digging in V-shape loading, but less when driving with an empty bucket. This system optimizes the engine torque for all applications to minimize fuel consumption. Komatsu SmartLoader Logic functions automatically and doesn’t interfere with operation, saving fuel without decreasing production.

New regulations effective in 2014 require the reduction of NOx emissions to one tenth or below from the preceding regulations. In addition to refining the Tier 4 Interim technologies, Komatsu has developed a new selective catalytic reduction (SCR) device in-house.

The KVGT system features Komatsu designed hydraulic technology for variable control of airflow and supplies optimal air according to load conditions. The upgraded version provides better exhaust temperature management.

By optimally controlling engine power and creating a high efficiency power train and hydraulic system, new features on the WA600-8 reduce fuel consumption, while enhancing fuel efficiency.
Fuel consumption reduced by up to 13% in Economy mode
*Compared with the WA600-6, fuel consumption varies depending on working conditions.

A new heated, air suspension seat provides enhanced support on rough roads and dampens machine vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride for the operator. An EPC lever console and advanced joystick steering lever are integrated in, and move with, the seat. The angle of the armrest is fully adjustable for optimum operator comfort.

The operator can view the rear of the machine with a full color monitor that is located on the right side of the cab. This monitor can be always on or only on when the loader goes into reverse. Visual guidelines can also be added for more convenience.

A wide access area makes daily maintenance easy. Large steps are provided on each side of the frame for added convenience.

The cooling fan swings out for easy cleaning. The coolers feature wide spacing of the cooling fins to reduce clogging.

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