Large-capacity torque converter, combined with Komatsu Smart Loader Logic engine control system, automatically creates enough torque for each work phase, reducing fuel consumption with no decrease in production.

Efficient performance and added confidence in load and carry situations with front and rear brake cooling system.

Reduce idle time and save fuel with auto idle shutdown. Smart Loader Logic acquires data from various sensors in the loader and controls engine torque based on job requirements.

A more comfortable ride with a new standard, heated, air-suspension seat that provides enhanced support on rough roads. A large, quiet, pressurized cab provides excellent visibility.

Efficient maintenance with ease of access with large, gull-wing-type engine doors and large steps on each side of the frame and front of the cab.

Designed to reduce operator fatigue, the Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS) allows wrist and finger control of steering and directional travel.

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