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With BOMAG TELEMATIC, every machine is just a mouse click away. You can retrieve location and operation data at any time and manage your fleet more efficiently. Automatic reports provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times, and the potential for fleet optimization. BOMAG TELEMATIC also includes real-time monitoring of pending maintenance and service history.

Operation based on travel speed rather than revolutions: different working speeds for forward and reverse travel can be set by cruise control.

Separately adjustable standard dozer blade heights for forward and reverse travel.

Precise adjustment of dozer blade height to meet landfill requirements with the Autoblade and Blade Stepper function.

Saveable dozer blade positions: frequently used positions can be conveniently saved and retrieved at any time.

The oscillating and articulating joint keeps all four wheels on the ground. This consistent contact and pressure guarantee traction and compaction at all times.

The one-piece engine hood and the platforms left and right ensure optimum accessibility.

The high intake for cooling and combustion air in combination with the reversible airflow reduces cleaning needs to a minimum.

BOMAG's wheel design ensures the best traction and compaction effect for many hours.