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The 931XC comes with Komatsu’s unique 3-pump hydraulics. This means that it offers the market’s largest total hydraulic capacity of 736 litres. In addition, the unique pressure and flow optimization enables you to work significantly faster without losing power when using certain functions. On the contrary, you can now perform several crane and head functions simultaneously with maximum hydraulic power, such as slewing the crane, feeding a log and manoeuvring the machine, with optimally low fuel.

Komatsu’s eight-wheeled harvesters are the most stable thanks to a concept that combines technologies both old and new. It’s based on the tried and tested concept of a rigid articulated joint and a swing axle working together with the cab’s tilt cylinders. On the 931XC, the swing axle is paired up with Komatsu Comfort Bogie, lowering the machine’s centre of gravity and increasing ground contact. The combination of a double oscillating bogie and the well-proven Komastu concept makes the Komatsu 931XC the most stable harvester on the market.

An impressive 200 kN of underlying tractive force and unique interaction between engine, control system and power transmission. The hydrostatic, power-optimized transmission in the 931XC enables full use of engine power, which is a great advantage when navigating gradients and difficult terrain. There are also several pre-set and task specific driving modes. The result is maximized productivity and benefit from every ounce of horsepower and litre of diesel consumption.

Improved off-road manoeuvrability with higher ground clearance, greater tractive force and improved power steering.

The high-performance operator environment in the new 931XC is unique in several respects. Some of the many features and benefits include the larger cabin volume, improved visibility, smarter screen placement and remote control / key for controlling the electrical switch on and off, controlling lights, and central locking of the cab and diesel heater. There are also improved storage solutions, optimized air conditioning and lighting, as well as three joystick system alternatives, including EME.

The machine is ready for installation of MaxiFleet, the world’s first fleet management system for forestry machines. A unique tool that enables searches, compilations and presentations for all the machine and production data your machine generates, with the powerful MaxiXT as the information source. 

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