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The 931’s immense work capacity is much due to the brand new 3-pump hydraulics, split into dual circuits which separate pressure levels. The system is power-regulated against the diesel engine and offers a class-leading hydraulic capacity of 584 l / min. Unique pressure and flow optimization enables you to work considerably faster without losing hydraulic power. You can operate several crane and head functions simultaneously with maximum hydraulic power, such as slewing the crane, feeding a log and manoeuvring the machine with optimally low fuel consumption.

Fast and powerful parallel crane, easy to operate. Mechanical crane tip control. Rapid out, powerful in. Parallel curve. Agile in thinning. Contributes to lower fuel consumption.

The cab levelling function means that you are always seated level and don’t need to stretch and strain to maintain good posture.

Improved off-road manoeuvrability with higher ground clearance, greater tractive force and improved power steering.

With easily accessible inspection and service points grouped together, an electronically operated engine hood and vertically mounted fuel and oil filters, the daily service is easily conducted.

The machine is ready for installation of MaxiFleet, the world’s first fleet management system for forestry machines. A unique tool that enables searches, compilations and presentations for all the machine and production data that your machine generates, with the powerful MaxiXT as the information source.

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