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Komatsu auto idle shutdown automatically shuts the engine down after idling for a set period of time to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The countdown to engine shutdown can be easily programmed from 5 to 60 minutes.

The Eco-gauge and new fuel consumption gauge are viewed on the right side of the color monitor and assist the operator in maintaining low fuel consumption and environment friendly operation.

Reduced fuel consumption by up to 6%
(vs PC210LC-10 based on typical work pattern collected via KOMTRAX)

Booms and arms are constructed with thick plates of high tensile strength steel. In addition, these structures are designed with large cross sectional areas and large one piece castings in the boom foot, the boom tip, and the arm tip. The result is work equipment that exhibits long term durability and high resistance to bending and torsional stress. A standard HD boom design provides increased strength and reliability.

The main screen display mode can be changed by pressing the F3 key.

Locations of the engine oil check and filters are integrated into one side to allow easy maintenance and service.

A new rear view monitoring system display has a rear view camera image that is continuously displayed together with the gauges and important vehicle information. This enables the operator to carry out work while easily checking the surrounding area.

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