Working together, the leading technology Komatsu Hybrid System, Tier 4 Final engine design, and an integrated complete vehicle control system notably reduce fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption
Reduced by up to:

25% / 20% / 7%

(vs PC210LC-10 / vs PC210LC-11 / vs HB215LC-2)

Based on typical work pattern collected via KOMTRAX.

The HB215LC-3's enhanced P mode provides improved performance and productivity.

Improved productivity

Up to 8% increase

(Compared to HB215LC-1 in P mode)

90 degree swing truck loading

Hybrid system temperature gauge

The hybrid system temperature gauge is displayed on the screen. This allows the operator to understand the severity of the load on the hybrid system at a glance.

In Komatsu’s unique hybrid system, the electric swing motor-generator captures and regenerates energy as the upper structure slows down and converts it into electric energy. The regenerated energy is stored in the capacitor and used by the motor-generator to assist the engine when it needs to accelerate. The hybrid system reduces fuel consumption significantly. Most components of the system are developed and manufactured by Komatsu.

A motor-generator is positioned between the engine and hydraulic pumps to assist in rapid engine response from ultra low idle when required. The generator produces electric power and charges the capacitor when required.

An electric swing motor-generator recovers energy during swing braking. The motor-generator also accelerates the swing of the upper structure more efficiently than a conventional hydraulic motor and provides excellent swing performance. Dedicated lubrication and cooling systems are used for reliability and durability.

This new system combines a Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC) and SCR. The SCR NOx reduction system injects the correct amount of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at the proper rate, thereby decomposing NOx into non-toxic water (H2O) and nitrogen gas (N2).

Wide, spacious cab includes seat with reclining backrest. The seat height and recline position are easily adjusted using a pull-up lever. You can set the appropriate operational posture of armrest together with the console. Reclining the seat further enables you to place it into the fully flat state with the headrest attached.

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