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The 4476 kW (6,000 HP) retarding system provides state of the art braking capacity for navigating today’s mining applications which contain steep continuous descents and sharp switchbacks. Continuous retarding capacity enhances the productivity of the vehicle operator, while eliminating the need for excessive mechanical braking effort.

Utilizing the required Body Worksheet (BW) process, Komatsu ensures that each body is designed to meet the requirements for each specific application while carrying its rated payload. Komatsu works with each customer to understand the material properties at a mine site and to identify the appropriate liner package.
Komatsu offers a standard all-welded steel, flat floor body with a full canopy and horizontal bolsters. This body includes a driver side eyebrow, body up sling, and rubber mounts on the frame.
  • Standard Body SAE Heaped 2:1: 250 m3 327 yd3
  • Standard Komatsu Body Weight: 41731 kg 92,000 lbs


As part of a complete service and support program, Komatsu equips every mining and quarry sized machine with Komtrax Plus®. By using a satellite-based communication system, Komtrax Plus® offers a new vision of monitoring your valuable assets. By providing insight to critical operating metrics the user can manage increased availability, lower ownership and operating costs and maximize fuel efficiency.
The information available through Komtrax Plus® allows service personnel to review faults and trends, improve the quality of the troubleshooting process and reduce unscheduled machine downtime.

The hydraulic system is a proven and reliable design with fewer parts than other OEMs. The system utilizes a single tank, providing one common source of fluid for steering, braking, and hoisting. In-line, replaceable filtration elements provide protection from hydraulic system contamination, making the system easier to service.
To keep downtime to a minimum, Komatsu developed a sub-frame pump module that can be removed and replaced as a single unit. This reduces change-out time and allows easy access to the hydraulic pump module.

By using advanced computer-aided design, finite element analysis, and full-scale static and dynamic testing, the frame has been designed to carry 363 metric tons (400 short tons) and provides the high structural reliability Komatsu is known for.