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Recognizing that variation occurs naturally in material density, fill factors, and loading equipment, Komatsu America Corp. deems it necessary to establish a consistent payload policy. This payload policy is intended to identify the guidelines and limitations for the loading of Komatsu mining trucks and is valid for approved applications and haul profiles only.
1. The average monthly payload must not exceed the rated payload of the truck
2. 90% of all loads must be below 110% of the rated payload of the truck
3. 10% of all loads may be between 110% and 120% of the rated payload of the truck
4. No single payload may exceed 120% of the rated payload of the truck

Invertex II® AC control system offers independent control of the rear wheel motors, which in turn provides outstanding traction-ability during wet and slippery conditions, thus improving tire wear and operator confidence. The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverter system technology provides the highest available reliability. The IGBT inverter is more compact and much simpler than the design of its predecessor, the Gate Turn Off (GTO) inverter, which improves serviceability and routine maintenance.

The automatic lubrication system is designed to reduce downtime for lubrication by having a centralized location that automatically distributes grease to all lubrication points.

While in retard or propel, the operator has the ability to select a comfortable travel speed. Automatic Speed Control simultaneously manages the speed of each wheel independently to allow for any immediate adjustments needed during slippery underfoot conditions.

The 830E-AC comes with a new operator friendly dash configuration which includes lighted gauges, switches, and information panel. This allows the operator to see the status of the machine during operation and informs them of any faults. An instructive message will appear after any fault is detected on the machine.

The 2983 kW 4,000 HP retarding system provides state of the art braking capacity for navigating today’s mining applications which contain steep continuous descents and sharp switchbacks. The continuous retarding capacity enhances the productivity of the vehicle operator, while eliminating the need for excessive mechanical braking effort.

The Komatsu SDA16V160 engine is an electronically controlled, modular common rail system providing 2500 gross horse power via a flex plate to the main drive alternator. Single stage turbocharging provides a smooth power curve with exceptional fuel economy and ease of maintenance. Cense™ engine monitoring provides full diagnostic capabilities while the Eliminator™ oil filter system saves both time and money by eliminating spin on paper filters. The modular assembly for radiator, engine and alternator facilitates simple removal and replacement of the power module.

The 830E-1AC comes standard with four-wheel hydraulically actuated dry disc service brakes. By using a fully hydraulic braking system, the formation of water and sediments - typical in air actuated braking systems - is no longer present. This prevents contamination, freezing and corrosion from affecting service brake component life. Although the dynamic retarding system is the primary braking force, the 830E-AC comes standard with four-wheel, hydraulically actuated, oil cooled service brakes in the event that the truck’s hydraulic system pressure drops below an acceptable level, accumulator tanks will automatically apply all wheel brakes to bring the truck to a complete stop.

The GEB25 is a proven wheel-motor design and has a standard gear ratio of 31.875:1. The wheel motor has a redundant brake and transmission fluid sealing arrangement for better reliability and an improved oil drain system for easier maintenance.

Hydrair II® is a suspension system that utilizes four nitrogen-over-oil cylinders. This suspension system is designed to maximize machine productivity by providing the operator with a smooth and comfortable ride. By absorbing shocks to the chassis during operation, Hydrair II® contributes to the durability of the machine’s frame and components.

Advanced Operator Environment with integral ROPS/FOPS Level 2 cab.

By using double acting hydraulic steering cylinders with a six point articulation linkage, the power steering system provides steering control with minimal operator effort. The turning radius provides excellent maneuverability for tight loading and dumping conditions.

During slippery events caused by inclement weather conditions and/or application severity, the wheel Spin-Slide technology will detect and correct any wheel spin control events. Spin-Slide Control operates automatically and independently of the service brakes. During propulsion, "wheel slip control” reduces non-productive wheel spin in low traction conditions. During retarding, "wheel slide control” prevents wheel lockup and subsequent sliding.