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Outstanding visibility to the cutting edges and excellent balance and maneuverability with a super-slant nose cab-forward design.

Smooth, powerful turns with hydrostatic steering. Fully electronic control provides complete automatic shifting and allows for Quick-Shift or variable speed selection.

In P mode, the engine outputs its full power to help your operator perform heavy-load work. It automatically increases engine speed for maximum power when load increases. H mode increases engine high idle speed, suitable for power-intensive work.

Flexibility to adapt to various situations and the ability to be efficient and productive regardless of the terrain with a versatile 6-way PAT (power angle tilt) blade pitch system.

Easy access to the radiator, oil cooler and charge air cooler with swing-up assisted lift system. Hydraulic fan reverses for clearing objects restricting air flow. Rear-mounted single-plane cooling system swings up for fast service.

Designed to wear evenly so the machine provides close to 100% usage of undercarriage components, Komatsu PLUS undercarriage lowers undercarriage maintenance costs by up to 40% over a conventional undercarriage. Strengthened rollers and links increase wear life up to two times.

To provide your operation with even more versatility and adaptability, the D71 is available with an optional 36-inch wide shoe for low ground pressure applications.

Designed for your operator’s comfort and ease of use, the ergonomic, low-effort palm command control system (PCCS) joystick controls all directional movements, including machine travel speed and counter-rotation.

To help maximize operator comfort and connectivity, the D71 comes with standard Bluetooth AM/FM radio and additional AUX and USB connection capability.

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SMS Equipment offers solutions for your unique financial needs. We understand that cash flow is the key to any successful business. We can arrange to finance parts and service to help keep your cash flow where you need it to be.

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Make sure you have the right machine for your job. Take advantage of 0% financing for up to 48 months on a variety of new Komatsu construction equipment to upgrade your fleet.