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With proactive dozing control, even your less experience operators can automatically cut/strip from existing terrain. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses that data to plan the next pass. Can improve productivity by up to 60% versus previous generation.

Lift layer control automatically lets your operators spread fill from existing terrain with the press of a button. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses the data it gathers to plan the next pass. Attain up to double your production and achieve consistent layers for compaction quality.

Tilt steering control automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing. Reduces operator steering input by up to 80%.

Operators can create a temporary design surface with the press of a button. Combined with other iMC 2.0 functions, your crew can being stripping or spreading using automated input while waiting for the finish grade model.

Machine logic allows the dozer to continuously learn the terrain and make calculated decisions for the next pass. Intelligent Machine Control helps lessen the skill gap between new and experienced operators.

In select situations – auto stripping, rough dozing, spreading, advanced finish grading – operators can opt for nearly 100% machine control auto usage. They can even apply automatic control without having a 3D model.

Automatic functions give the dozer the ability to learn from the operator’s blade input, resulting in more adaptability, easier operation, and less reliance on operator input.

To deliver unparalleled grading performance, iMC enables the dozer to look ahead at grade transitions and alter the blade angle accordingly.

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