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The innovative ION DUST SHIELD further enhances the existing, highly efficient dust extraction system. Harmful fine dust with a particle size < 10 μm is additionally reduced by up to 80% - a pioneering technology, particularly in urban areas with strict fine dust regulations.

The fully vibration-insulated operator station ensures comfortable and fatigue-free work - both when sitting and standing. The operator's platform can be adjusted steplessly by up to 200 mm. This means that it always offers an ideal view of the right cutting edge and the side plate for safe and efficient work.

The BM/65 series uniquely slim contour ensures the best visibility: the front offers the operator an unprecedented view of the cutting edge, the track to be milled, and the danger zone in front of the machine around the conveyor belt - for even more precise work. The flat rear design gives an unhindered view of an increased area behind the machine for safer maneuvering.

The large water tank with a capacity of 3,250 L holds more than enough water, even for longer working cycles. In addition, the groupable spray bar ensures optimized water consumption throughout, thereby conserving valuable resources.

All key service points on the machine are easily accessible: the filters can be reached effortlessly from the driver's stand with the engine hood open. Diesel and AdBlue can be filled safely and conveniently from the driver's stand. The auxiliary drive and milling gear are easily accessible via large service flaps on the left and right sides. Quick, uncomplicated access to the engine service points is possible from both above and below.

You have the choice between two different drive sizes, optimally suited to different applications. Both ensure a footing with outstanding stability.

The standardized operating concept allows intuitive control of the machine. The operator's work is also supported by two 7" full-colour displays on which all relevant data can be seen in a large, easy-to-read format. Assistance systems can therefore be selected quickly and easily.

630 hp engine power with Stage V and Tier 4 final dual-certification for greater efficiency: the perfect match of engine power and milling speed as well as its BMS15L quick-change tool holder system, make the BM/65 series the most economical planer series in the light 2-metre class.

The 130° swivel angle coupled with the smallest milling radius in the 2-metre class makes loading trucks easy - even on small roundabouts. The adjustable belt speed aids full loading of the trough.

BOMAG cutting technology with the wear-resistant and wear-optimized BSM15L exchange holder system enables fuel savings of up to 20% and an extended service life without additional maintenance intervals.

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