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Monitor and adjust to changing conditions. Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) is designed to provide excellent machine performance in soft and slippery ground conditions without sacrificing steering performance.

Powerful acceleration, smooth down shifting and synchronized engine speed. The K-ATOMiCS transmission features a six-speed, fully automatic transmission with an advanced electronic system to reduce shift shock and torque cut-off for exceptional efficiency.

Increase operator confidence when traveling down hill through large capacity, continuously cooled, wet multiple-disk brakes that also function as a highly responsive retarder with 684 horsepower absorption capacity.

Discover a smooth ride over the rough terrain with front and rear axle hydro-pneumatic suspensions. The rear axles are mounted on a dynamic equalizer structure and the entire system is designed to help reduce operator fatigue while offering a comfortable ride.

Improved cab entry in front of the front axle. A curved front dash panel. Thoughtful design enhancements throughout the cab provide the operator excellent visibility and a large, quiet environment to promote productivity and comfort.

Monitor production with a standard, integrated payload meter that displays loaded material weight on the LCD monitor inside the cab. External lamps illuminate green, yellow, or red as the payload increases to help prevent under and over loaded haul cycles.