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Through Modular Mining we offer The MineAlert™ Collision Awareness System (CAS), an early-warning system to alert equipment operators about potential collisions with other CAS-equipped vehicles. This helps to improve your operators' safety awareness and reduce the likelihood of vehicle-to-vehicle collisions.

Predictive algorithms analyze the location, speed, and trajectory of all vehicles in the monitored vicinity to minimize false alarms, generating alerts only when potentially hazardous conditions exist. By generating alerts that your operators trust, the MineAlert CAS increases your operators' situational awareness and system confidence, helping you drive a zero-harm workplace.
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Features of Modular Mining's Early Warning System

  • Mitigate collision risks: Determine a vehicle's collision risk based on travel speed, instantaneous direction, predicted path, and other factors
  • Minimize false alarms: Alert operators about potential dangers without delay, allowing them to take corrective actions to prevent a collision
  • Improve situational awareness: Differentiate between true collision risks and mere proximity events, such as when two haul trucks pass each other on the same road
  • Increase productivity: Address the most common vehicle-to-vehicle collision scenarios, including: Forward collisions (FCW), take-off collisions (TOW), head-on collisions (HOC), speed limit violations, blind-spots, overtaking, and intersections (IMA)