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Easily perform tasks with Quick Surface Creation

February 10, 2022
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Moving dirt with little or no staking and surveying has become much easier with integrated GPS grade control. Simply upload 3D data, perform a short calibration, and you’re ready to strip, push, place and grade materials. 

However, what if you have a task that’s not in the plans? Perhaps you want to create a level surface for a job site trailer, or it’s about to rain and you want to make sure water drains to a certain area. 

“Even without plans, you can easily get simple jobs done in short order with the quick surface creation feature on new IMC (Intelligent Machine Control) 2.0 dozers,” said Ron Schwieters, Komatsu senior product manager, IMC & hardware. “It lets operators easily create a temporary design surface.”

Quick surface creation on Komatsu intelligent Machine Control (IMC) 2.0 dozers lets you create a surface in a few easy steps without plans.

How to use quick surface creation:

  1. Lower the blade to the ground or target elevation.
  2. Press the “quick surface creation” button on the monitor. Values are entered automatically based on your current blade position.
  3. Adjust values, if desired. When you are ready, press “OK” to set the temporary design surface. The “quick surface adjustment” button will display.
  4. Move material.
“During the busy summer earthworks season, survey departments are typically stretched thin and pressed for time,” said Kris Troppmann, Manager, Smart Construction with SMS Equipment. "Quick surface creation allows contractors to start experiencing the benefits of intelligent Machine Control during stripping and hogging material immediately after mobilization to the site, before survey and engineering have had an opportunity to create subgrade and final surface designs."

Easy adjustments

You can adjust the temporary design surface parameters by pressing the “quick surface adjustment” button. Touch the desired parameters to be modified and adjust accordingly.

“This is a great tool for times when there is no 3D data available,” said Schwieters. “You can use it for a wide variety of tasks, including stripping topsoil and haul road cleanup. It’s another way to utilize and maximize your IMC investment to the fullest.’

“If you can use a smartphone, you can use quick surface creation,” emphasized Troppmann. “This feature does not require a lot of button pushes as the IMC 2.0 system is very intuitive and easy for operators to learn.”

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