January 2022

PREVIEW: Mining Newsletter Issue #3

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Thinking big: Trolley-assist to help Copper Mountain Mine meet ambitious sustainability goals

Our customers are our best teachers, and when it comes to sustainable mining, few know the subject better than Don Strickland, EVP of Sustainability at B.C.-based Copper Mountain Mine. Through a partnership with SMS Equipment, Komatsu and others, Copper Mountain is leading a first for Canada – the installation of a trolley-assist system to increase the range and workload of electric mining vehicles. This will be key to top the company’s goal to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2035. 

Recently, we had a chat with Don, and he shared his story and his vision for the future of Canadian mining.
It’s going to be an exciting time, and we’re going to see many things happen. I'm excited about our partnership with SMS Equipment, Komatsu, ABB, Clean BC, and BC Hydro. We're all working together towards getting results, sharing results, and building on them. This sets the stage for the future for sure.
Don Strickland - Executive Vice President, Sustainability for Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

Don Strickland: My role was born at a strategy session earlier this year. We recognized that sustainability is an evolving area and a significant priority for us, and we were doing a lot of great things in that area. However, because of my responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer, I couldn’t give this the needed attention. So, we adjusted the structure of the company so that I could focus on sustainability.

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Q2. Trolley-assist is no small undertaking. How did the company get to the point of making such a commitment?

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Q3. Where does the project stand today?

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Q4. Are there past projects that you’ve learned from?

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Q5. What are Copper Mountain employees saying about this?

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Q6. What are your recommendations for other companies that are looking at sustainable mining?

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Next steps:

Let our experts help assess how trolley-assist and other mining solutions can help meet your GHG reduction requirements and lower your mobile fleet's total cost of ownership.
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