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Eliminate unnecessary travel to job sites by delivering design changes directly to machines

August 10, 2021
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If you manage construction projects, you know design changes come with the territory. You also realize that delays in updating plans could adversely affect production and your profits.

“It’s critical to communicate new information as quickly as possible,” stated Bryce Satterly, Komatsu Smart Construction Solutions Manager. “Technology is making that virtually instantaneous. Our Smart Construction Remote solution is a good example. It allows users to send design data to machines in the field and remotely support operators without traveling to the job site, reducing costly downtime.

Managers can log into target machines, pinpoint their location, view the machines’ monitors and upload or download files at anytime from anywhere, according to Satterly. He added that updates can be transferred to multiple machines with one click.
Smart Construction Remote’s software is compatible with Komatsu intelligent Machine Control dozers and excavators as well as with select aftermarket grade control systems. It’s one of several Smart Construction solutions created to help you more efficiently plan, schedule, manage, streamline costs and optimize processes remotely.
“We recently had a project where a customer had a Komatsu intelligent Machine Control excavator and a competitive brand with a machine control system working beside each other,” said Kris Troppmann, Manager, Smart Construction, SMS Equipment. “The customer’s survey team needed assistance uploading a file to both excavators. Our SMS Technology Solutions Expert used Smart Construction Remote to assist and resolve the issue within minutes from an off-site location. It took more than a day and a site visit from the dealer’s support person with the competitive brand. The customer was amazed by how much time Smart Construction Remote saved.”
Distant Troubleshooting Capabilities

Distant Troubleshooting Capabilities

In addition to project design file updates, Smart Construction Remote provides distanced troubleshooting capabilities. Offsite personnel can view what operators are seeing in the field, and even operate the machine control monitor, through their connected devices.

"The operator, survey manager and others can communicate remotely in real time, and resolve issues faster,” said Satterly.

“Not having to make that trip to either update a machine or troubleshoot it saves time and reduces fuel costs and emissions associated with driving to the site. Those are added benefits.”
Smart Construction Remote lets you log into target machines, pinpoint their location, view the machines’ monitors and upload or download files at anytime from anywhere. 

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 Kris Troppmann, Manager, Smart Construction
  • Over 12 years of learning the earthmoving industry, from labourer to project accountant, into productivity technology, has enabled me to bring unique insights when partnering with customers to provide them with innovative solutions
  • I look forward to partnering with you on your projects and pairing the most impactful technology to the right application

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