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Putting Greater Hybrid Power to Work

July 10, 2018
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The world we work in is changing. Demands for advancements in environmental technology are being heard. We’ve not only taken notice, we’ve taken charge. SMS Equipment and Komatsu have become industry leaders in environmental stewardship.

In fact, when it comes to green and hybrid technology SMS Equipment and Komatsu are changing things, for the better. We’ve always been known as industry leaders in technological innovation. And now we’ve gone one step further with the launch of a new green technology era, most notably with the introduction of our Hybrid Excavators including the all new HB365LC-3.

This is truly the beginning of a whole new energy revolution for all of our equipment. Right now, Komatsu engineers and researchers are examining new methods and technologies to increase power and performance among our line of construction and mining equipment, while reducing our carbon footprint.

Green Technology at its Best

Komatsu’s Excavator hybrid systems center around the concept of capturing swing deceleration which is conventionally dispersed as heat (pressure loss). We take this heat and convert it to electric energy and recycle the energy within the machine.

Specifically, In Komatsu’s unique excavator hybrid system, an electric swing motor is used in place of the hydraulic swing motor and is designed to recover energy during swing braking. This regenerated energy is stored in an all new Ultra-capacitor.

The assembly on the Ultra-capacitor includes an inverter that switches the AC electricity from the generator motor and swing motor into DC electricity for storage in the capacitor. The Capacitor transfers power much faster than traditional batteries and this stored power is used by the generator motor to assist the engine when it needs to accelerate. The Energy Management Screen inside every unit, monitors performance and capacity resulting in greater efficiency for these new machines.

Benefits of the Komatsu Hybrid System

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 25% while increasing overall capacity.
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Harmful emissions such as Nitrous Oxides (NOx) are reduced
  • The Machine is quiet with low operation noise, reduced noise levels for urban and night work
  • Low cab noise for operator comfort.
  • Hybrid power train is covered by a 5 year/7,000 hour warranty
  • Controlled by KOMTRAX® wireless remote monitoring

Komtrax Technology

KOMTRAX is Komatsu’s remote equipment monitoring and management system. It’s now part of every new machine we design and build. Created for optimum environmental performance, KOMTRAX gathers critical machine and operation information and provides it in a user-friendly format allowing operators the ability to make well informed decisions. KOMTRAX gives our customers more control over their equipment and better control of their business.

A New Era, A New Standard

SMS Equipment and Komatsu have raised the industry bar for hybrid technology, receiving high praise from customers from coast to coast to coast. We’ve demonstrated that what’s good for the bottom line can also be good for our environment.