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New Mining-Class Dozer D375A-8

April 10, 2018
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Dozer operators know that faster cycle times improve production. Komatsu’s new D375A-8 dozer boosts productivity thanks to a Tier 4 Final engine that delivers 20 percent greater horsepower in reverse, allowing users to make more passes and move a greater amount of material with each shift.

The powerful engine creates 609 net horsepower in the forward direction and 748 net horsepower in reverse.

A three-speed transmission with an automatically engaging lockup torque converter advances fuel efficiency and provides faster ground speed during long pushes.

“Whether it’s reclamation, large construction or production mining applications, the D375A-8 is the right machine for the job,” said Komatsu Product Manager Joe Sollitt. “Durability improvements to this new model lower the total cost of ownership while the more powerful Tier 4 engine significantly increases performance and production.”

Joe Sollitt, Komatsu Product Manager

The mining-class D375A-8 dozer comes with structural enhancements for better durability of the mainframe and track frame. It also features an enhanced suspended undercarriage, larger viscous cab mounts and a new air-suspension heated and ventilated seat for overall operator comfort.

Single-link blade support, larger trunnion

Additional performance upgrades include a new single-link blade support and larger trunnion bearings that reduce maintenance, increase blade stiffness and minimize blade shake. Improved visibility to the cutting edge and ripper point, blade auto-pitch, ripper auto-return and shoe-slip control reduce operator fatigue and ramp up productivity.

“The changes to the undercarriage, cab suspension and operator interface will make D375A-8 operators more comfortable and effective throughout their shifts,” said Sollitt. “We encourage anyone needing a larger dozer to check it out and see the benefits.”

Quick Specs on Komatsu’s D375A-8 Dozer

  • Model: D375A-8
  • Net Horsepower: 609 hp
  • Operating Weight: 165,655 lbs
  • Blade Capacity: 28.8 cu yds