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Parts Supervisor

Meet Codi Bourdage

Codi is the parts supervisor in SMS Equipment's Kamloops and Williams Lake branches. While he's only been in that role for two years, he's been with the company since 2012. He started picking and receiving parts in the warehouse and was quickly introduced to the organization's safety culture.

"The level of safety was a shock to me when I first joined. I hadn't experienced that in other jobs, but it was nice to see that they had the structure in place to keep employees safe," says Codi.

The other thing that stood out to him was the team environment.

"The team that I got to work with was great. It felt like a family-owned business, and they made it easy for a young kid like me to feel comfortable."

Seizing every opportunity.

After five years in the warehouse, SMS Equipment offered him a parts apprenticeship, and he jumped at the chance to advance his career.

Codi had enough hours to challenge the program's first two years and then completed the rest online. With his parts ticket in hand, he joined the Kamloops parts counter and served customers in that role for a few years.

From there, he worked in a GET (ground engaging tools) role for a while but missed the parts world. That's why he was excited to become a parts technical trainer. In that job, he built a certified parts training program that continues to upskill and educate employees at SMS Equipment.

"The company cares about their people and wants to see us strive and succeed in a role we love. They provide opportunities to try new things and find the right fit," says Codi.

Two years ago, he seized one of those opportunities and became the parts supervisor in Kamloops and Williams Lake. He sees it not only as a chance to grow and challenge himself but also as an opportunity to keep learning from those around him and give others a chance to build their career.

Developing professionally and personally.

From a young single guy to a married man with three kids, a farm and many animals, a lot has changed since Codi joined the company.

"I've grown up a lot since I was a young guy starting in the warehouse, and that's thanks to the company and my co-workers. I've learned how to accept constructive feedback rather than get defensive, I've learned time management, I'm calmer and a more respectful person," says Codi.

He’s also seen significant changes and growth in the organization. From an ever-increasing focus on its customers and strengthened collaboration across SMS Equipment to best meet every customer’s needs, Codi sees nothing but potential for the company’s next 15 years.

Codi says he's a 'lifer' and has no plans to go anywhere else. In fact, he has a unique goal. He wants to get 'the longest service award.' That's what happens when you find a successful organization that recognizes your talents, cares about you as a person and provides opportunities to create a career you're proud of.

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