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Dual-mode engine power selector offers two operating modes: economy and power. The innovative Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT) improves fuel economy by up to 30% versus the prior model while providing 18 more horsepower.

Independent work equipment control separates the accelerator pedal from the speed of the work equipment. Your operators operate the bucket with levers only for greater control, and can approach trucks with no brake dragging, thus improving fuel economy.

Choose a standard steering wheel or the new optional Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS), designed to minimize operator fatigue. AJSS provides precise wrist and finger steering and control, even during full speed travel.

Measure the weight in the bucket by simply pressing a switch. Dump monitoring allows for real-time monitoring of the weight of any material in the bucket after dumping. Empty bucket calibration can be done anytime to ensure accuracy.

A redesigned bucket focused on boosting productivity. Generous curves on the side wall better retain material, and a wrap angle enhances pile penetration to make the bucket easy to fill. Material retention has been improved in load and carry operations.

A redesigned cab for a spacious, ergonomic comfortable environment. Additional glass in key areas improves visibility. Frequently used switches are at eye level, allowing operators to stay focused on the work environment.

A more comfortable ride to reduce fatigue over long shifts with a new air suspension seat that enhances support on rough roads and dampens machine vibrations. Optional Multi-Function Monolever is also available.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, boom positions are adjustable in the cab with the push of a button. The bucket positioner can memorize three horizontal settings so the operator can easily change attachments without having to reset the bucket position.

An exceptional view behind the machine with a full color monitor placed at eye level in the cab. The monitor can be set “always on” or only when the loader goes into reverse. Visual reference guidelines offer an additional safeguard.

Save fuel by reducing idle time with the Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown. It shuts the engine off and applies the parking brake and hydraulic lock after a preset idle time limit.

Full access to the engine compartment with standard full front and rear fenders that raise when the engine hood is opened. Front fenders are equipped with an extension that minimizes debris strike when operating in reverse.

Easy access and service with a one-piece engine hood that can quickly be opened with a switch located on the left side of the machine near the battery box. Two side doors allow easy access for daily checks.

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