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With QUICK COUPLING, the user-friendly quick attachment system.

With ECOMODE, the intelligent engine and hydraulics management system.

With BOMAG TELEMATIC, any machine is only a mouse click away. Retrieve location and operating data at any time and manage your fleet more efficiently. Automatic reports provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times and potential for fleet optimization. Real-time illustration of total service planning and history comes with BOMAG TELEMATIC.

  • With MAGMALIFE, the innovative screed technology provides the fastest heat-up times.
  • Receive the longest service life with the MAGMALIFE principle, heating rods cast in aluminium.

  • Perfect for confined site conditions due to a working width from 1.10m to 3.40m, and a paving thickness of up to 20cm
  • Innovative operating concept with height-adjustable operator's platform
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Curve assistance system with automatic radius control
  • Up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption and noise emissions

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