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Stabilizing and recycling reinforces subsoils and allows the replacement of damaged bitumen road surface layers.

The BOMAG RS 460 can be used as a recycler or soil stabilizer. When used as a recycler, old and damaged blacktop surfaces including the base layer can be torn up, crushed and mixed in with new binders. As a soil stabilizer, it can be used for mixing in lime, cement, or other binders with the existing material to improve the soils and to solidify soil sub-surfaces in backfilling, anti-frost layers and base layers.

Maintenance flaps on the motor hood are easily accessible. Coolers, filters etc. can be reached easily. If required, the hood can be opened completely at the push of a button. Large and easily accessible storage spaces facilitate the transport of wear parts. The accessibility from the ground makes safe handling possible. Lubrication points are optimally and automatically supplied by means of a central lubrication system (optional for RS 460).


Three hydraulic motors, two single front drives, and a non-spin rear axle make for effortless forward drive.

With BOMAG TELEMATIC, every machine is just a mouse click away. You can retrieve location and operating data at any time and manage your fleet more efficiently. Automatic reports provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times, and the potential for fleet optimisation. BOMAG TELEMATIC also includes real-time monitoring of pending maintenance and service history.

  • ROPS/FOPS cab as standard
  • Large windows for excellent all-round visibility

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