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BOMAG Demonstrates Latest Innovations at CONEXPO 2020

January 24, 2020
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New product introductions, the environment, safety and harnessing technology major draw for BOMAG.

RIDGEWAY, S.C. BOMAG innovation reaches beyond the design of industry-leading compaction, milling and asphalt paving equipment. Advancing safety, improving the environment and harnessing technology is at the heart of every machine, so contractors can be more productive, efficient and profitable. The BOMAG/Fayat 17,200 ft2 (1,698 m2) Central Hall exhibit #C30316 will feature more than 10 new products, including path and highway pavers, half-lane mills, single drum and tandem vibratory rollers with alternative drive systems, and vibratory plate compactors. Technology displays will give attendees a glimpse into future possibilities and allow all to experience future technology now available from BOMAG. The Services and Solutions Group will feature new Service and Emergency kits that help contractors reduce downtime and save money.


BOMAG is committed to working safely, whether it’s in the office, on the factory floor or in the field. Design teams focus on making machine operation and the process safer for customers. From the antivibration handle of the BT 60/4 tamper to the ion dust shield on the new BM 1300/35 mill, BOMAG equipment is designed to advance operating safety. BOMAG technological innovation helps to remove the operator from potentially unsafe operating conditions. From the industry-leading concept of a fully autonomous roller to the remote-controlled BMP 8500 multipurpose compactor that takes the operator out of the trench, safe operation is paramount. For rollers, BOMAG Obstacle Detection gives operators a visual display of the obstruction plus audible warning.  


Meeting stringent environmental regulations is just the first step in environmental protection. Design features on display like BOMAG ECOSTOP, which automatically shuts off the engine after a preset idle time, and ECOMODE to reduce noise and save fuel consumption by up to 30 percent, helping contractors to save money and protect the environment. Alternative fuel and drive models will be an integral part of the BOMAG/Fayat display. Three different solutions for the BW 120 tandem vibratory roller will be shown: traditional diesel, electric and liquid petroleum gas (LPG). The new BM 1300/35 milling machine features BOMAG’s Ion Dust Shield that reduces over 80 percent of fine particulate pollution generated at the jobsite.  


“Think further – think digital” is a BOMAG guiding principle, advancing machine production and service efficiency in the field. On display, the new and free BOMAP app demonstrates how it documents roller passes and captures and records compaction values from a standard smartphone or tablet. BOMAP is easily transferrable, regardless of roller brand, identifies soft spots in the base, and logs temperatures, Evib values, frequency, amplitude and more.

The redesigned BW 206 AD-5 AM with Asphalt Manager 2 on display meets market needs in the Americas for advanced compaction technology combined with ROPS canopy. Asphalt Manager 2 automatically adjusts compaction forces from vertical to horizontal as mat stiffness increases to prevent over compaction plus its standard infrared camera gives operators mat temperature data. All BOMAG tandem rollers with Asphalt Manager 2 will be available in the Americas with canopies starting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG.
As the worldwide compaction and road building experts for soil and asphalt applications, BOMAG has a staff of 2,500 employees to support its global dealer network of over 400 dealers. A broad range of product segments consist of asphalt pavers and material transfer equipment, reclaimer/stabilizers, milling machines, single drum and tandem vibratory rollers, pneumatic tired rollers, landfill refuse compactors and a full range of light compaction equipment resulting in BOMAG sales revenue of $1 Billion USD in 2018.