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New compact Takeuchi TB370 excavator works in a broad array of applications, giving you added versatility

March 23, 2021
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Excavators are too often viewed as one-dimensional, straightforward digging machines. That does not have to be case. Products, such as Takeuchi’s TB370, give operators the ability to not only dig but also perform in a variety of additional applications.
The first introduced in Takeuchi’s new 300 series compact excavator lineup, the TB370 meets the needs of a multitude of equipment users, including general contractors, landscapers, utility installers and the rental industry. It delivers a digging depth of 4,085 millimeters (13 feet, 4.7 inches) and a maximum reach of 6,690 mm (21 feet, 11.4 inches). Maximum dumping height is 4,545 mm (14 feet, 11 inches).

Watch the TB370 in action
“The introduction of the TB370 fills the 7-ton machine void in Takeuchi’s line-up, which the industry was asking for,” said Dwight Campbell, Product Manager, SMS Equipment. “It also introduces the next-generation cab. I am excited about this release and look forward to the TB370 showcasing Takeuchi’s commitment to support the light equipment industry while providing us with the latest in technology and quality engineering.
Wide range of attachments

Wide range of attachments

True versatility comes from the TB370’s ability to tackle multiple tasks. The 42.4-kilowatt (56.9 hp) engine is matched to a closed loop, load-sensing hydraulic system that makes the excavator an excellent attachment platform. First, second and third auxiliary circuits are plumbed to the mid-arm with the primary circuit providing flow of more than 117 liters (31 gallons) per minute.
The second circuit provides a dedicated thumb circuit. The third allows you to install a hydraulic pin grabber coupler for the quick and easy exchange of various attachments.

The cab

Features an automotive-styled interior with a 203.2 mm (8-inch) touchscreen color monitor, intuitive jog dial and multi-switch panel that put the operator in complete control of a variety of functions, including hydraulic flow rate and attachment presets. With the one-touch panel, the operator can also manage LED work lights on/off, lift overload alarm, rear-view camera operation and ECO mode.

Maintenance inspections

Simple to perform as both the engine and right-side hood open overhead, providing access to the engine oil filter, dipstick and oil fill; fuel filter fuel water separator, fuel tank; hydraulic tank, hydraulic oil sight gauge; and cooling module. The TB370 also has a forward-tilting cab for easy access to the control valve and backside of the engine.

“Takeuchi is excited to advance to the next generation of excavators,” said Toshiya Takeuchi, President of Takeuchi. “By adding this new generation excavator, we continue our tradition of innovation and advanced technology for the betterment of our community and environment. We are pleased to offer our customers this new excavator option to add to their Takeuchi fleet.”

Quick Specs for Takeuchi's TB370 Compact Excavator

Operating Weight
14,580 lb (6,735 kg)
56.9 hp (42.4 kW)

Max. Digging Depth​
13 ft 4.7 in (4,085 mm)
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