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Claystone Waste finds SMS Equipment’s expertise and service impressive

Waste management organizations such as Claystone Waste rely on heavy equipment to move and bury landfill waste. Recently Claystone Waste purchased a Komatsu 40,000-kilogram-plus (89,000+) D155AX-8 dozer to be able to efficiently manage hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste material.

“SMS Equipment’s knowledge and expertise of industrial equipment ensured we had the right dozer for our application”, said Blaine Szott, Claystone Waste’s Mechanical Supervisor, “and they provided training to show our operators how to most efficiently use it. It powers through the waste easily, and our operators love the comfortable ride and the climate control of the cab which contributes to better productivity,” explained Szott, speaking of the 264-kilowatt (354 hp) D155AX-8.
Skilled techs and Komatsu Care and Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program limits downtime

Skilled techs and Komatsu Care and Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program limits downtime

Claystone Waste appreciates that the Tier 4 dozer included Komatsu Care. This complimentary program covers routine scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2,000 hours. It provides service at 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000- hour intervals and includes a 50-point inspection. At the end of Komatsu Care, Claystone Waste chose to continue the maintenance program with a SMS Equipment PM program.

Komatsu Care and SMS’s Preventative Maintenance program is designed to lower cost of ownership and improve equipment uptime and reliability. It also increases resale value with detailed maintenance records and transferable program benefits.
“Having a competent trained professional servicing our units not only ensures that the work is performed correctly, but they can also identify any possible concerns so that they can be addressed before becoming a major issue,” pointed out Szott, “That confidence enables us to focus on services and repairs for our other equipment. The fact that SMS Equipment alerts us when an interval is due and schedules the service to minimize our downtime is added value.”

Komtrax provides second line of defense

SMS Equipment professionals track Komatsu machinery such as Claystone Waste’s D155AX-8 with Komtrax, Komatsu’s telematics system. This system provides a wealth of information, including equipment hours, which makes it simple to arrange equipment servicing at the proper scheduled intervals.

 “In addition to SMS technicians, Komtrax is another line of defense in preventive maintenance,” Szott advised. “It alerts both SMS and us right away, so if a code pops up, we can work together to address it quickly.”

Szott noted that Komatsu Care and Komtrax combined with the professionalism of SMS Equipment is impressive. “SMS is extremely customer-satisfaction-oriented. We were impressed right from the start, and the relationship has continued to grow as we purchased a second unit to add to our fleet.”

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