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Retractable Undercarriage  –  Allows this machine to travel through standard doorways and areas with limited access with ease.
Short Tail Swing – Allows the operator to work in confined applications without concern of rear swing impacts.
Two Speed – Features a convenient push button on the right travel lever to shift from low to high speed.
Boom and Arm – Provides greater working range and features two way auxiliary hydraulics with shut-off valves.
Powerful Traction Force – For excellent turning and travel performance in varying conditions.

Top Mount Boom Cylinder – Helps protect the boom cylinder from damage from the bucket and debris.
Wrap Around Counterweight – Protects key engine and hydraulic components from damage while delivering excellent stability.
Double Flange Track Rollers – Provide greater contact between the roller and rail for improved track retention.
Protected Hydraulic Plumbing – All hoses for working equipment are routed through the boom and arm for an extra level of protection, and greater visibility of the work equipment.
Spiral Wrapped Lines – Protect the blade cylinder hydraulic lines from damage due to rocks and debris.
All Steel Construction – Protects components and ensures long term durability.

Pilot Operated Joystick Controls – Deliver precise responsive controls, and are low effort reducing fatigue.
Pattern Change Valve – Will allow the operator to choose their preferred operational pattern for greater efficiency and safety.
Arm Rests – Fully support the operator’s arm for improved comfort.
Dual Entry Points – Make it easier for the operator to enter or exit the machine from either side.
Operator’s Station – Delivers excellent visibility and operator comfort while providing easy entry and exit
Convenient Grab Handle – Makes it easy to enter and exit the machine from both the right and left side.

Unmatched Serviceability – Allows all key service and maintenance points to be inspected quickly and easily.
Side Access Panel – Houses dual element air cleaner, fuel filter with shut-off, hydraulic filter, and fuel tank with sight gauge.
Rear Service Access – Allows the operator to easily inspect the hydraulic oil, coolant level, and battery.
Front Compartment – Provides outstanding access to the alternator, engine oil filter and engine oil dipstick.
Selector Valve – Located under the operator’s seat allows operator to quickly choose one way or two auxiliary hydraulic flow.
Lockable Fuel Fill – Is convenient and secure. A remote gauge is also provided for assistance when refueling. The system also uses a self bleeding system to provide easier restarts if the machine is run out of fuel.

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Expires June 28, 2024
Extended Full Machine Warranty on New Takeuchi Excavator Purchases