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With BOMAG TELEMATIC, every machine is just a mouse click away. You can retrieve location and operating data at any time and manage your fleet more efficiently. Automatic reports provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times, and the potential for fleet optimisation. BOMAG TELEMATIC also includes real-time monitoring of pending maintenance and service history.

  • Quick­-change milling drum standard
  • Maximum milling performance for an average milling depth at average speed
  • Applications: Removing asphalt strips, creating duct trenches, road repairs, and universal surfacing work

  • Ergonomic, seated workplace.
  • Vibration insulation including all operating controls for continuous, stress­free operation.
  • Adjustable control unit
  • Ultimate operating convenience – whether sitting or standing
  • Clearly-designed control panel

  • Optimized gear housing.
  • Optimal ground clearance for milling close to the curb.

  • Optimum milling profile for a shallow milling depth at high speed
  • Applications: Restoring uneven road surfaces and rutting

  • Low maintenance cylinder-integrated leveling on the side plates
  • Interfaces as standard for additional leveling extend the range of application

  • Maximum milling performance for deep milling at low speed
  • Applications: Removing surfaces at full depth, creating duct trenches, and applying surface texture

A planer must mill accurately. BOMAG milling drums feature innovative geometry. The tools are optimally arranged to ensure uniform, low vibration cutting. Due to the shell thickness, the milling drum acts like a flywheel transferring far fewer vibrations to the machine than a conventional drum. This increases planer durability.

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