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Komatsu’s PC200LC-8 raises the bar on efficiency and productivity, still serving as a valuable addition to your fleet

October 20, 2020
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As a contractor who take prides in doing quality work quickly, you’re probably always looking for more from your equipment. More power. More speed. More reliability. Komatsu’s PC200LC-8 delivers on all those counts, while at the same time providing excellent fuel efficiency.

When it originally came out, the PC200LC-8 boosted productivity compared to its predecessor, mainly through improved cycle times and hydraulic improvements,” said Komatsu Product Manager Andrew Earing. “Equally important were the efficiencies built into the excavator that enhanced performance.

Those efficiencies include low fuel consumption and emissions. Combine that with information technology and operator comfort and you get a machine that delivers the ultimate for a contractor – high production and low-cost operation. Productivity features include a quick-return circuit, which allows the arm to go and return quickly for fast cycle times.
“The PC200LC-8 is a workhorse and has been one of, if not the bestselling excavator on the planet,” said Gary Brown, General Manager, Product Management, at SMS Equipment. “It has tremendous durability, reliability, and advanced technology, that has proven to be a bullet-proof asset for more than a decade. Plus, customers can still buy them new from SMS Equipment today.”
The PC200LC-8 has five working modes: Power, Economy, Breaker, Lifting and Attachment. An operator simply presses a button to get the proper flow needed for the work at hand. The modes, along with most other machine functions, are selected through a seven-inch monitor.

"The monitor was one of the biggest improvements in the PC200LC-8", indicated Earing. "You match your machine to the job application through the monitor. You pick up maintenance codes and trouble-shooting functions through the monitor. The AC is also controlled with the monitor. It's still an impressive system that's very user-friendly."

Fuel-efficient operations

Another advancement on the monitor is an “Ecology Gauge,” which serves as a guide to efficient operation. It provides the operator with instant feedback regarding the load on the machine and how that impacts fuel consumption. It also alerts the operator when idling too long, which is another prime contributor to fuel waste.

“Equipment owners remain vigilant about cutting fuel usage,” said Earing. “The PC200LC-8 is highly efficient, even in Power mode. With the information the machine provides, the operator is able to try different things to further lower fuel consumption.”

The PC200LC-8 comes wired with Komtrax, Komatsu’s telematics system that can send detailed machine operating information back to the home office and/or to SMS Equipment. Komtrax information includes machine location, service meter readings, cautions, abnormality codes, load frequency and much more – all of which can be valuable in helping you reduce downtime and lower owning and operating costs. In addition to Komtrax, the PC200LC-8 comes with Komatsu’s Equipment Management Monitoring System, which stores trouble data, displays abnormalities and notifies you when it’s time to change oil and filters.

“Komatsu has always challenged itself to set an industry standard with each new hydraulic excavator series,” said Earing. “From the legendary Dash-3 version of the 1980s right up to today’s latest models, we have led rather than followed. That was true with the PC200LC-8 when it was introduced more than a decade ago and remains so today. It’s still a highly productive machine with numerous uses.”
Quick Specs for Komatsu's PC200LC-8 Excavator

Quick Specs for Komatsu's PC200LC-8 Excavator

110 kW (148 hp)

Operating Weight
23,223-23,503 kg (51,199-51,815 lb)
Bucket Capacity
1.20 cu meter (1.57 cu yards)

Other Specifications

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