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Komatsu’s HD785-8, 100 US ton class haul truck, is designed with the operator in mind

February 17, 2022
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The HD785-8 off-highway haul truck from Komatsu America Corp. has been built to ensure optimal comfort, productivity, and safety for heavy equipment operators.

The Tier 4 Final compliant rigid frame haul truck has a rated payload of 101.6 US tons for high production mining, quarrying, and aggregate applications. The truck’s oil cooled, multiple-disc brakes on all four wheels provide excellent retarding capability for downhill travel while the Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 engine outputs 1,140 net horsepower for high productivity on grade. 

Komatsu Traction Control (KTCS) comes standard on the HD785-8 and provides optimum traction in various ground conditions. 

The HD785-8 has the best-in-class tight turning radius at 10.1 m (33 ft. 2 in.) thanks to its McPherson strut type front suspension for excellent maneuverability when spotting or positioning to dump. The McPherson strut type front suspension has a special A-arm between each wheel and the main frame. The wider space created between the front wheels and the main frame increases the turning angle of the wheels. The larger turning angle provides a smaller turning radius for the truck.
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“There’s more rotation on the front axles than our competitors. The reason people buy these trucks compared to bigger trucks is for working in tight areas,” explains SMS Equipment product specialist Mark Heddle. “To perform a turnaround on a haul road, many of our competitors’ trucks have to go back and forth three or four times, while the HD785-8 can cut, turn and go. Maneuverability is crucial on job sites. This truck has got that.”
The HD785-8 haul truck features a Komatsu SAA12V140E-7 Tier 4 Final engine with a net horsepower of 1,140hp (849 kw) @ 1,900 rpm.

“This high horsepower Tier IV engine has been the same engine for the last few generations. It’s a well proven Komatsu engine,” Heddle says.

Operator advantages

The newly designed cab has been upgraded with several features to improve operator comfort, including a new weight-adjustable, heated and ventilated air suspension seat for long shifts. The truck also offers easy operator cab access with its standard diagonal angled stairway. Additional operator-friendly features include an automatic climate control system; tilt-away and telescoping steering column; two DC12V outlets; a radio with Bluetooth technology, AUX and USB; an electric hoist control; generous storage space; viscous cab mounts for a quiet, comfortable ride; and a rear hydropneumatics suspension for a smoother ride over rough terrain.

“We have an incredibly comfortable truck. It’s a world class truck. The operators love driving these things. It comes with a lot of standard features like anti-lock brakes, payload monitoring and KomVision,” Heddle says. “Komatsu took the attitude that there isn’t an ‘A truck’ and a ‘B truck.’ They all come with all the options on them. Operators want to have a truck with all the bells and whistles.”

Komatsu’s KomVision all around monitoring system comes standard on the HD785-8 and provides the operator with a 360-degree bird’s-eye view utilizing a six-camera system on a dedicated display.

“KomVision provides a bird’s-eye view from six cameras from dedicated in-dash displays,” says Komatsu America Corp. product specialist Sebastian Witkowski.

KomVision’s two screen mode allows for the bird’s-eye view and any of the six cameras to be viewed simultaneously on the monitor.

The HD785-8 haul truck also comes standard with a rear-view monitor system with a hi-res LCD display and a re-designed lighting system.

“We’ve got a new LED head lamp with hi-beams and low-beams, side lamps and rear-combination lamps,” Witkowski says.

Maintenance benefits

In addition to offering reliability and durability, the HD785-8 offers operators and maintenance staff the advantage of not requiring diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technologies.

“We achieve Tier 4 final regulatory compliance with two DPF canisters on the machine,” Witkowski says.

“There are lots of inherent issues with DEF, and the fact that it freezes up in cold climates and then needing heating systems inside the machines,” Heddle adds. “When people think of Tier 4, they think of DEF, but it’s not on the HD785-8. It’s a very mature truck. Very sophisticated and reliable.”

The haul trucks also come standard with an auto idle shutdown feature to help reduce idle times and operating costs.

“It automatically shuts down the engine if the truck is left in an idle state. The threshold can be anywhere from five to 60 minutes,” Witkowski says.

Additional maintenance-friendly features include an advanced monitoring system with onboard diagnostics with no laptop required; anchored tie of points (ISO 14567) around the machine for providing technicians locations to attach service lanyards; fast fuel fill coupler; ground level battery isolator; starter isolator and machine immobilization switch with lockout/tagout capabilities; a jump start receptacle; a modular radiator core system; and KOMTRAX Plus for remote access to maintenance and performance information.
“There are lots of service points in it. The HD785-8 is laid out very service friendly. There’s lots of room around the engine to access things – centralized grease points, ground-level servicing. Komatsu puts a lot of effort into this,” Heddle says. “This truck has very good wiring systems and hydraulic systems all well laid out for the operator to be able to access.”

Measuring productivity

To manage the payload of each hauling cycle and analyze production volumes and working conditions for a haul truck over a specified period of time, Komatsu has built in an integrated payload meter (PLM) into the HD785-8.

“The monitor displays the live payload in the haul truck, and we can get additional data including tons per gallon, total payload, etc. The data is available in KOMTRAX, where there are summarized daily and monthly reports,” Witkowski says. “You can get deeper into productivity data. You can get cycle by cycle detailed data accessed via direct download from machine.”
Quick Specs on Komatsu's HD785-8

Quick Specs on Komatsu's HD785-8

Tier 4 Final

1,140 HP @1,900 rpm (849 kW @1,900 rpm)

365,967 lb (166,000 kg)

78.5 yd3 (60 m3)

101.6 U.S. tons (92.2 metric tons)
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