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Equipped with Ecogauge for environment friendly energy-saving operations. By operating in the green range, CO2 emission and fuel consumption can be reduced.


P mode – Power or work priority mode has low fuel consumption, but fast equipment speed and maximum power.

E mode – Economy or fuel saving mode further reduces fuel consumption, but maintains P-mode work equipment speed for light-duty applications.

You can easily select Power or Economy modes using the monitor panel.

Smooth mode provides easy operation for gathering blasted rock and scraping operations. When maximum digging force is needed, switch to Power mode for more effective excavating.


The PC800LC-8 boom circuit features a shockless valve (double-check slow return valve) to automatically minimize the amount of vibration present when operating the boom. Operator fatigue and bucket spillage, caused by vibration, is reduced.


With the addition of the one-touch Power Max. function, digging force has been increased. (8 seconds of operation)

Maximum arm crowd force (ISO):

237 kN (24.2 t) → 260 kN (26.5 t) 9.7 % UP
(with Power Max.)

Maximum bucket digging force (ISO):
296 kN (30.2 t) → 324 kN (33.0 t) 9.7 % UP
(with Power Max.)


Work equipment speed becomes faster with the arm quick return circuit. This returns a portion of oil directly to the hydraulic tank during arm dump to reduce hydraulic loss and increase speed.

Using two arm cylinders, the arm digging force is increased by 19%, providing additional breakout in hard digging applications. The Super Digger uses a standard length front, so there is no reduction in working range.

An in-line filter in the outlet port of each main hydraulic pump provides an extra level of hydraulic system protection, reducing failures caused by contamination.

The newly designed wide spacious cab includes a highback, heated seat with a reclining backrest. The seat height and longitudinal inclination are easily adjusted using a pullup lever. You can set the appropriate operational position of the armrest together with the console. Reclining the seat enables you to place it into a fully flat position with the headrest attached.

The multi-position, Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) levers allow the operator to work in comfort while maintaining precise control. A doubleslide mechanism allows the seat and control levers to move together or inde pen dently, allowing the operator to position the controls for maximum productivity and comfort.

A large user-friendly color monitor enables accurate and smooth work. Improved screen visibility is achieved by using a TFT liquid crystal display that can be easily read at various angles and lighting conditions. All switches are simple and easy to operate. Industry-first function keys facilitate multi-function operations. The monitor displays data in 12 languages to globally support operators around the world.

Allows the operator to use the same easy motion for 180° loading as for 90° loading operations. By altering the oil flow, this setting allows you to select either boom or swing as the priority for increased production.

On the large LCD color monitor, the operator can access and view one standard camera that will display areas directly behind the machine. An optional 2-camera system is available.

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