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The electronically controlled all clutch modulation system (K-ATOMiCS), optimizes the clutch engagement oil pressure at every gear. This system optimizes the clutch lock-up process for smoother shifting with minimal torque shock.

When driving uphill, the skip-shift function automatically selects the gear according to the slope of the grade. This function reduces the number of down-shifts, making the driving smoother, improving the operator’s comfort and reducing potential material spillage.

ARSC allows the operator to set a desired machine speed according to the grade of the road. This function manages the speed of all four wheels, allowing adjustments of the desired speed on grade by using the options available in the ARSC lever.

The MacPherson front suspension system has a special A-frame between each wheel and the main frame. The wider space created between the front wheels and the main frame increases the turning angle of the wheels. The turning radius of the HD1500-7 is 12.2 m 40', which provides excellent maneuverability in tight loading and dumping conditions. In addition, a secondary steering system provides emergency hydraulic power in the case of sudden loss of engine power or steering hydraulic pressure. The steering accumulators comply with ISO-5010 standards.

The linkage arrangement utilized in the MacPherson independent front suspension system allows the front wheels to smoothly follow the undulation of the road surface, providing excellent riding comfort.

The Komatsu HD1500-7 cab provides a comfortable and productive environment to meet today's mining market demand. The cab includes tinted glass windows, heating and air conditioning, acoustical insulation, double sealed doors, and pressurized air filtration system. The instrument panel makes it easy to monitor critical machine functions.

Machine events are recorded and indicated as service codes. A caution light warns the operator of any problems that may occur. This makes the machine more user friendly and easier to service.

The HD1500-7 frame has been enhanced to meet more stringent Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES). This enhanced frame design focuses on improving stress distribution in order to offer superior strength. Furthermore, increased casting thickness in high stress areas provides the structural flexibility needed to carry loads and absorb impacts in the toughest haul road conditions.

The automatic lubrication system is designed to reduce service downtime and improve durability of all pin joints by having a centralized module that automatically distributes grease at adjustable intervals. In addition, this hydraulically activated system can be adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease required by each joint.

Recognizing that variation occurs naturally in material density, fill factors, and loading equipment, Komatsu America Corp. deems it necessary to establish a consistent payload policy. This payload policy is intended to identify the guidelines and limitations for the loading of Komatsu mining trucks, and is valid for approved applications and haul profiles only.

  1. The average monthly payload must not exceed the rated payload of the truck.
  2. 90% of all loads must be below 110% of the rated payload of the truck.
  3. 10% of all loads may be between 110% and 120% of the rated payload of the truck.
  4. No single payload may exceed 120% of the rated payload of the truck.