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The Payload Meter is a measuring tool to identify the bucket payload. Due to the immediately shown bucket payload the operator is able to load the truck more efficient. Reduced truck loading time due to decreased required passes per truck.
The payload meter system will be integrated into the Komtrax Plus 2 monitoring system. Reporting via Komtrax Plus 2 will show the payload history as well as improved data. The PLM is a helpful tool for data analysis and helps the mine manager to plan their fleets.

The large and comfortable cab is mounted on 18 viscous damping pads and is sound insulated. The cabin has automatic climate control and is pressurised. The operator’s seat is air-suspended, electrically heated and has a two-point seatbelt and offers multiple adjustments. The second seat is also equipped with a seat belt. Low-effort joystick controls are electrohydraulic with foot pedals for front shovel clam, crawler and swing brake.

Full instrumentation, KOMTRAX Plus and an AM/FM radio with MP3 ready CD player with AUX in is installed. The windshield wiper has two speeds and intermittent operation. Amenities include a refrigerator and storage cabinets. Heated mirrors are adjustable from inside the cab. External metal sun blinds on the cab side window and internal roller blinds on all windows are standard. The left-hand window is an emergency exit. All windows are tinted parsol green. The cab has a special penetration proof front window (acc. DIN EN1063, resistance classification BR2-S) to increase the safety level of the operator. There is a walkway around the cabin.

KomVision helps to reduce the accidents in the pit and it provides a better feeling for the operators. KomVision is one of the key features regarding safety. It helps to protect the operator from any danger. Several cameras on and around the excavator are mounted to grant the most possible amount of safety. Marked areas around the excavators highlighted safety area, working area and the dumping area. If the operator recognizes any movement of foreign objects in their working area they are able to react. All units of the seven implemented cameras are available for a single view to a detailed image of the surrounding.

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