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A fully integrated grade assist automatically traces the target surface to minimize over digging. A built-in facing angle compass ensures the machine is aligned with the target surface. 


To help eliminate damage during boom or bucket operation, the machine automatically stops when the bucket edge reaches the design surface. 


iMC controls the bucket by automatically selecting the point closest to the target surface, which minimizes operator input while providing higher accuracy and grading confidence. 


Your fleet can be environmentally friendly without sacrificing power. Excavators with iMC have a Tier 4 certified engine, which features an integrated diesel particulate filter, hydraulically actuated Komatsu variable geometry turbocharger and selective catalytic reduction system. 


Stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders provide real-time position that is immediately displayed to the operator. This is an improvement over conventional aftermarket machine guidance (indicate only) systems with tilt sensors that require time to stabilize.


 A large counterweight and robust undercarriage components help provide outstanding stability 


For utility customers looking for the utmost precision, the excavator allows your operator to input structure, invert elevations of pipe runs and automatically calculates fall of pipe. 

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