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New operator seat is equipped with lumbar support, tilting adjust function and electric heater. It is easy to adjust to the operator's shape and various working conditions and provides for comfortable operation. Also, standard seat heat makes it possible to work comfortably in the winter.

Komatsu auto idle shutdown automatically shuts the engine down after idling for a set period of time to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The amount of time before the engine is shutdown can be easily programmed from 5 to 60 minutes.

Select for all general dozing. When a load is applied, the transmission automatically shifts down, and when the load is off, it automatically shifts up to a set maximum gear speed. This mode economizes both fuel and production further when the torque converter lockup mechanism is actuated according to load, providing a one-to-one drive.

A significant reduction in fuel consumption and greater power train efficiency are achieved by the automatic transmission and lockup torque converter. The automatic transmission selects the optimal gear range depending on the working conditions and load placed on the machine. This means the machine is always operating at maximum efficiency. The lockup mechanism of the torque converter is automatically actuated to transfer engine power directly to the transmission in travelling and usual dozing speed ranges. Locking up the torque converter results in 10% improved drive train efficiency.

In order to support to optimum operation, the following 5 recommendations are displayed to improve fuel saving operation:
    1) Avoid Excessive Engine Idling
    2) Use Economy Mode to Save Fuel
    3) Avoid Hydraulic Relief Pressure
    4) Avoid Overload
    5) Use Automatic Shift Mode
The operator can access the ECO guidance menu to check the Operation Records, Eco Guidance Records, and Average Fuel Consumption logs.

Select automatic or manual gearshift modes to suit the work at hand, thanks to Tier 4 Final improvements made to the shifting logic. The D65PX-18 machine now offers faster, smoother shifting in automatic mode. The ability to disable the auto downshift feature from the monitor in the manual shift mode empowers operators who prefer blade load control and shifting from a true manual mode. Operators now have full downshift control from the manual mode.

The engine power is transmitted to both tracks without power interruption on the inside track for smooth, powerful turns. Counter-rotation while in neutral is available for minimum turning radius providing excellent maneuverability.

Based on a completely new digging theory, SIGMADOZER® dramatically improves dozing performance and increases productivity. A new frontal design concept adopted for digging and rolling up at the center of the blade increases soil holding capacity and simultaneously reduces sideway spillage. Reduced digging resistance produces smoother flow of material, enabling the dozing of larger quantities of material with less power. In addition, adoption of a new blade linkage system holds the blade closer to the tractor for improved visibility, enhanced digging force and reduced lateral sway of the blade. This is the next generation of dozer blades.

The D65PX-18 has a strong integrated ROPS cab. High rigidity and superb sealing performance sharply reduce noise and vibration for the operator and helps prevent dust from entering the cab. This provides the operator a comfortable working environment. In addition, side visibility is increased because additional external ROPS structure and posts are not required. Outstanding visibility has been achieved.

The mode for dozing and ripping rough ground. When enabled, the transmission automatically shifts down when a high load is encountered, but does not shift up when the load is off. The operator can specify whether the auto shift down function is enabled or disabled in manual gearshift mode by selection in the monitor.

Palm command travel joystick provides the operator with a relaxed posture and superb fine control without operator fatigue. Transmission gear shifting is simplified with thumb push buttons.

A power angle tilt dozer blade with highly durable box-structure frame is available as an option. The hydraulic tilt and angle function expands versatility and productivity in a variety of applications.

On the large LCD color monitor, the operator can view, through one camera, areas directly behind the machine. This camera can be synchronized with reverse operation.

Working mode P is the mode aiming for powerful operation and maximum production and mode E for general dozing applications with adequate speed and power while saving energy. For CO2 reduction and energy saving, the monitor panel allows for switching the working mode with ease, depending on the work at hand.
P mode (Power mode)
With P mode, the engine outputs its full power, allowing the machine to perform the work requiring large production, heavy-load work, and uphill work.
E mode (Power mode)
With E mode, the engine outputs enough power for the work without delivering unnecessary power. This mode allows for energy saving operation and is suitable for the work on a ground where the machine may cause shoe slip and the work not requiring large power such as downhill dozing, leveling and light-load work.

The D65PX-18 offers improved heating and cooling performance in high debris applications. A wide core A/C condenser, cab air filter precleaner, and relocated coolant overflow tank are now standard to ensure reliable HVAC performance in high debris applications.

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